Ellie Leach is a Strictly Come Dancing 2023 celebrity contestant

Ellie Leach leaves Coronation Street for Strictly Come Dancing dream

She played Faye Windass in ITV soap's Weatherfield

Strictly Come Dancing 2023 star Ellie Leach has told fans being part of the BBC One contest is a dream come true for her. But how much do you know about the former Coronation Street actress who played Faye Windass?

Ellie, 22, joined the Corrie cast as a youngster, and remained part of the Weatherfield set up for 12 years. She left the cobbles earlier this year – but her character wasn’t killed off.

She said to fans on Insta, ahead of confirmation she would be moving on from her soap role: “I have been in Coronation Street for 12 years but it literally feels like I started yesterday. 12 years! That’s like, over half my life! It’s mental.”

Ellie Leach playing Faye Windass as she leaves Coronation Street
Ellie Leach as Faye Windass in her final Coronation Street scenes, bidding farewell to Craig (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

When did Ellie Leach leave Coronation Street?

Faye’s Corrie exit saw her decide to dump fiancé Craig and move to Slough. She left Weatherfield to be with estranged daughter Miley, and Miley’s father Jackson, in May.

Ellie admitted her co-stars would probably be what she’d miss the most when asked about her departure.

She said at the time: “I know everyone says we all get along so well and we are all like a big family. But we genuinely are and I’ve absolutely loved being able to work with my best friends. And I feel like that is just an amazing experience in itself.”

It has been an amazing, amazing time and I honestly will never ever forget it.

Elle added: “To be on one of the biggest soaps ever, it is crazy. It has been an amazing, amazing time and I honestly will never ever forget it.”

What was Ellie Leach’s Corrie salary? What is her net worth?

Despite being a popular enquiry online, Google searches about any celebrity’s net worth should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Online sources that speculate about an individual’s wealth should be considered unreliable. For example, in Ellie’s case, Google returns results from different websites that claim different amounts with regards to her net worth. More than one site suggests she is worth between $1million and $5million dollars.

Similarly, Ellie’s soap salary is unconfirmed. However, in March 2022, The Sun reported she had signed a new contract for a year. That might have affected Ellie’s salary if she received any kind of pay boost as part of negotiations – but a wage rise was not reported on. Going by an unidentified source that spoke to the tabloid, Corrie bosses at the time certainly sounded pleased to secure Ellie’s immediate future on the ITV series.

The insider was quoted as saying at the time: “Ellie is a huge talent and bosses are delighted she’s signed a new contract. She’s really proved herself time and time again.”

Ellie Leach smiles
‘Ellie has the world at her feet’ (Credit: Cover Images)

Who is Ellie Leach dating? Does she have a boyfriend or partner?

Ellie’s current relationship status is unknown. But back in May it was reported she had split from her boyfriend of five years, dancer Reagan Pettman.

A source claimed to The Sun at the time: “Ellie has the world at her feet after stepping away from Corrie and she has taken time to reflect on which direction her life is going in. Ellie and Reagan decided to call things a day and she is making the most of her single status.”

Meanwhile, in August, tabloid sources indicated that Strictly preparations had helped Ellie move on from her previous relationship.

“Ellie has had a hard few months,” one told the Mirror. “Leaving Corrie was emotional for her because she loved the show and the cast so much.”

They went on: “And then on top of that she learned that Reagan had gone behind her back, and they split up. It was very sad, but for her the trust was gone and there was no way back for them as a couple.

“Ellie is a really positive person and always has a smile on her face – but it’s been a difficult time. That’s why it was brilliant that she has landed Strictly, it has really given her something to smile about.”

Ellie Leach, right, and her real-life cousin Brooke Vincent share a scene in Corrie (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

Who is Ellie Leach related to?

Ellie has a famous relative who was also a co-star on Corrie – Brooke Vincent, known for playing Sophie Webster.

Their on screen characters are stepsisters, but in real life Sophie is eight years older than her cousin. Furthermore, Ellie is godmother to Brooke’s son Mexx.

Additionally, Ellie’s mum is believed to be called Karen. Her dad has also been spotted in posts Ellie has shared on social media. And it is also thought Ellie has a younger sister called Daisy, too.

Is Ellie Leach related to Meghan Markle?

Despite a likeness between Ellie and the Duchess of Sussex, and fans believing Ellie looks like a younger Meghan, the pair are not thought to be family.

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