Real Housewives of Jersey: Kate Taylor reveals illness battle left her in bed for 18 months

Thankfully our fave Jersey girl is back to living her best life now

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Real Housewives of Jersey star Kate Taylor has opened up on her battle with depression after splitting from her ex-husband.

The 52-year-old reality star has revealed exclusively to Entertainment Daily that she was left bed bound for 18 months, as she battled through the “lowest point of her life”.

Thankfully, Kate overcome her struggles “a little while ago” following a trip to Bali.

Kate Taylor Real Housewives of Jersey
Real Housewives of Jersey star Kate Taylor has opened up on her depression battle (Credit: ITVBe)

What did the Real Housewives of Jersey star Kate Taylor say?

Kate’s struggles began soon after her bitter split from her ex-husband.

Speaking to ED!, she said: “I spent 18 months basically in bed with a horrible depression. I’ll never go back there again.

That was the lowest point in my life.

“I didn’t expect to be on a TV show back then – I was lucky enough to want to see the next day. I used to have my girl called Friday, she would beg me every day to get up out of bed.

“That was the lowest point in my life.”

The Real Housewives Of Jersey
The reality star appears on the Real Housewives Of Jersey (Credit: ITVbe)

During her break to Bali, Kate took part in daily yoga and meditation sessions.

And while the decision to remain celibate following the spiritual trip seemed to be a good idea at the time, Kate told us otherwise.

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She added: “In Bali I did this love, relationships and intimacy course. Because I’m such a [bleep] I went celibate for a year, then we went into lockdown.

“I mean, have you tried getting laid at a two-metre distance?!

Kate is single following her messy divorce (Credit: ITVbe)

“I’m the most sexual, tactile creature in the world. If someone said to me, ‘What’s your favourite past time?’ Well, it used to be trying to get as much attention as I could from my husband.”

Kate’s marriage came to a tragic end after her ex-husband moved on with a younger woman.

How are things between Kate and her son?

Despite things not being great with her former partner, Kate is working to improve her relationship with son Finn.

Fans of the ITVbe series will know the star has shared a strained relationship with the 21-year-old following her marriage breakdown.

So how are things between them now?

“I saw him Christmas Day,” she admitted. “He came around and it was the first time he had ever been to the flat!”

Proving she’s still hopeful the two can work through their issues, Kate added: “Finn is the most beautiful soul you could ever meet. I know that’s all the other side of the family that are drip feeding him poison, but that’s not my problem.

“He will come around. You cannot break the bond of love between a mother and a son.

The outspoken star went celibate following a trip to Bali (Credit: ITVbe)

“This is just a phase he has to go through before he realises my true worth.”

In the meantime, Kate is keeping busy with best pal and neighbour Margaret Thompson.

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The pair, who have known each other for over 30 years, live next door to each other in Jersey.

Despite their close bond, Kate is still unsure whether she’ll join her bestie on the next season of the reality show.

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Is there a Real Housewives of Jersey season two?

In fact, she’s keeping her options open until the finale episode.

When ED! asked Kate whether a series two was in the pipelines, she explained: “They don’t know! I think they’re lining us up a little bit for it.

“They’re seeing if we’re interested and if we would want to do another season. I’ve promised Margaret I will not make up my mind until the last one has gone out.

“We’re in week four now, so in six weeks when I’ve seen it all I’ll make a decision.”

The Real Housewives Of Jersey continues tonight (Monday January 18) at 9pm on ITVBe. You can watch the whole series on ITV Hub

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