Contestants smile on Race Across the World

Race Across the World viewers fuming over major and ‘confusing’ format change

'This isn't Race Across The World, it's Amble Across Canada'

Race Across the World viewers flooded social media with complaints as series three of the BBC show began last night (March 22).

This series, four pairs are tasked with racing across Canada, but some viewers were confused over the big format change.

In series one, contestants started in London and had to travel to Singapore. Series two saw them trek from Mexico to Argentina.

However, due to the Covid pandemic and the various restrictions in place, this year contestants were tasked with sticking to just one country.

Race Across the World series 3 contestants
Race Across The World viewers admitted that they were confused about the change (Credit: BBC)

Race Across the World viewers ‘confused’ over big format change

Many viewers who are used to the contestants travelling across continents were upset about the big change.

In the new series, the four pairs of contestants began their journey in Vancouver and were tasked with making their way north to Tlell in the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

One viewer complained: “Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? A race across a single country is not a #RaceAcrossTheWorld.”

Another viewer joked: “This isn’t Race Across The World, it’s Amble Across Canada.”

A third person said: “Is this just Race Across Canada? I’m confused?”

A fourth viewer agreed: “Love Race Across the World but I think going across Canada is a bit pedestrian in comparison to the previous series.”

Someone else added: “Race across Canada? Disappointing!”

Marc and Michael smile on Race Across the World
Brothers Marc and Michael are one of the pairs racing across Canada (Credit: BBC)

Other viewers defended the decision

While some BBC One viewers complained about the big change, others viewers defended the decision.

Race Across the World hasn’t aired since 2020, as the Covid pandemic put filming on hold.

One viewer wrote: “People complaining that this is Race Across Canada rather than Race Across The World.

“You realise that this was filmed last year, as the world slowly opened up from a pandemic right?”

I’m just happy it’s back. They could race across London in rush hour for all I care.

Another person wrote: “Really impressed by the route to be fair – anything else would have probably contained some repetition from the previous series.

“Will be interested in seeing where else they think of going next time as well.”

A third viewer added: “Even though it’s ‘only’ really Race Across Canada this time, Race Across The World is still elite-tier telly. I want to binge it all now!”

A fourth fan admitted: “I’m just happy it’s back. They could race across London in rush hour for all I care.”

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Race Across the World continues on Wednesday March 29 at 9pm on BBC One. Episodes are available on iPlayer after airing.

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