Netflix announces two new Harlan Coben adaptations after Fool Me Once. Picture features Harlan Coben as well as Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once

Netflix greenlight two new Harlan Coben adaptations after Fool Me Once success

Missing You and Run Away are coming soon!

If you loved Fool Me Once, you’re in luck: two new Harlan Coben adaptations are set to join Netflix.

The bestselling author’s Fool Me Once became a TV sensation in January after streaming on Netflix from New Year’s Day. Based on Harlan’s 2016 novel, the series told the story of Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) who spotted her supposedly dead husband Joe (Richard Armitage) on her nanny cam. The superstar cast also included Joanna Lumley.

The new titles getting a glamorous television makeover are 2014’s Missing You and 2019’s Run Away. They will be the 9th and 10th collaborations between Harlan and the streaming service. As with Fool Me Once, the new Harlan Coben adaptations will be produced by ITV Studio Quay Street Productions, with Harlan serving as an executive producer.

Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) begs for help after the murder of husband Joe (Richard Armitage)
Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) begged for help after the murder of husband Joe (Richard Armitage) (Credit: Vishal Sharma/Netflix)

What are the two new Harlan Coben adaptations – Missing You and Run Away – about?

Missing You tells the story of Detective Kat Donovan, whose fiancé Josh vanished entirely from his life 11 years ago. She’s shocked when she sees his face again on a dating app, forcing Kat to delve into her past and the mystery surrounding her father’s murder. Victoria Asare-Archer, who worked on 2021’s Stay Close, is the lead writer for the series. The Lazarus Project‘s Sean Spencer will direct.

Run Away explores the life of family man Simon, who had everything he ever wanted – until his daughter Paige ran away from home. When Simon finally finds Paige, she’s a completely different person – high on drugs and embroiled in a dangerous criminal underworld. As violence breaks out, Simon’s life is upturned all over again. Fool Me Once writer Danny Brocklehurst will return for his sixth Harlan Coben adaptation.

There are currently no confirmed start dates for the two new Harlan Coben adaptations.

Will Michelle Keegan star in the new Harlan Coben adaptations?

While we don’t know the casting for Missing You and Run Away yet, nothing’s impossible.

According to The Sun, Netflix are keen to sign Michelle for a multi-series deal on the platform. That could include these new adaptations, or others in the future.

An insider said: “She’s proved you don’t have to be the stereotypical plum-voiced leading lady to appeal to an international audience.

“With so many rival streamers eyeing Michelle up now, it’s a no-brainer for Netflix to sign her. But they’re likely to have to offer her a six-figure sum to keep her for multiple projects.”

Bestselling writer Harlan Coben sitting down
Bestselling writer Harlan Coben, author of Fool Me Once (Credit: Pip Cowley/Netflix)

How many Harlan Coben TV adaptations are there on Netflix?

Many of Harlan Coben’s books have been adaptation on TV, both by Netflix and other channels. He now has 14 screen adaptations of his books.

His novels Tell No One, Second Chance and Just One Look were adapted for French film and TV in 2006, 2015 and 2017.

In 2016, Harlan Coben’s The Five premiered on Sky One. Two years later, Harlan began his successful collaboration with Netflix with Safe. Seven new Harlan Coben adaptations have followed on Netflix, including The Stranger, The Woods, The Innocent, Gone for Good, Stay Close, Hold Tight, and Fool Me Once.

Harlan also teamed up with Amazon Prime Video in 2022 for young adult series Shelter, based on his Mickey Bolitar books.

Missing You and Runaway will air on Netflix in 2025.

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Fool Me Once, Stay Close, The Stranger, and Safe are available to stream now on Netflix. Shelter is available on Amazon Prime. The Five is available on Now TV.

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