My Mum Your Dad contestants Caroline, Roger, and Janey all react

My Mum Your Dad fans pulling for Caroline as Roger confesses feelings to Janey

Has he made the right decision?

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My Mum, Your Dad viewers have mixed emotions concerning Roger, Caroline, and Janey following Friday (September 16) night’s episode.

The ITV dating show for middle-aged parents returned for the final instalment of the week – and widower Roger seemed to make a breakthrough.

During an emotional heart to heart with daughter Jess, 58-year-old Roger was told he had to open up about how he feels if he likes someone.

But after he did just that, some fans were divided about whether he would be best off with fellow show participants Caroline and Janey.

My Mum Your Dad contestant Roger looks sad
My Mum, Your Dad contestant Roger: ‘I know I’m a bit broken’ (Credit:

What did Jess tell Roger on My Mum, Your Dad?

As Roger discussed his reality TV show experience with his daughter, he admitted he was still impacted by the loss of late wife Joanne.

Jess asked him about how that influenced his thoughts about dating again: “Has it made you think you are ready? Or has it done the opposite and made you realise you’re not?”

Roger indicated he was “half way” there, adding: “I think people might just have to invest a bit of time in me.”

She replied: “But why would they do that if they don’t know you’re interested in them? You have to tell them.”

But he reflected: “I haven’t got any moves, I don’t have moves. I’d like to have a date with Janey to see if there’s something there. I know I’m a bit broken.”

However, Jess reassured her dad: “You’re not broken. You’ve been through something traumatic. But you’re still you and I think you need to realise that.”

My Mum Your Dad contestants Roger and Janey chat
Are Roger and Janey a match? (Credit:

‘I think I probably like you more’

Roger eventually shared his feelings with Janey, admitting: “I like Caroline. I think I probably like you more. Not probably, I do.”

And, during a school disco party, Janey also spoke with Caroline, tactfully saying Roger had said he liked her.

An understanding Caroline took it all in her stride, and was supportive to Janey – despite her own connection with Roger.

But it seems some viewers still reckoned Caroline could be a better match for him.

My Mum Your Dad contestant Janey speaks
Roger shared his feeling with Janey (Credit:

How My Mum, Your Dad viewers reacted

“I hope Roger gives more time to Caroline, they seem good together,” one social media user suggested. “Jayne is too much for him, I think.”

Someone else sympathised: “I feel for Caroline. I think she and Roger have a special bond which could still lead to more than friendship. I like them together. Janey seems nice and the attraction is there but imo Caroline is better for him.”

I feel for Caroline. I think she and Roger have a special bond which could still lead to more than friendship.

Meanwhile, another person tweeted: “Loving this programme. So tastefully done. My heart is breaking for Caroline. Gutted Roger doesn’t seem to feel the same as her.”

And a fourth wrote: “Caroline is sooo lovely, someone in there needs to wake up and get with her.”

My Mum Your Dad contestant Roger speaks
Roger is a popular pick on My Mum, Your Dad (Credit:

Others also agreed Caroline is the woman for Roger as she “is the empath who will help him heal and move on”.

“I believe that Caroline is his shoulder in there and Janey makes him laugh,” another concurred.

However, not everyone was pleased about the chat between Janey and Caroline.

One Twitter user said: “Wasn’t really Janey’s place to tell her about Roger, he should’ve done that, felt for Caroline there.”

My Mum Your Dad contestants Janey and Carolin chat
Janey and Caroline addressed the situation with Roger (Credit:

But there was also happiness that Roger and Janey may have found someone special in one another.

“Yay, go Roger! And good on Janey for pushing the conversation! Feel for Caroline but they are in there to find love,” one person posted.

And another said: “Absolutely L-O-V-E Janey’s banter with Roger. She’s so funny. Hopefully a bit of a connection forming with her and Roger.”

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My Mum, Your Dad next airs on ITV on Monday September 18 at 9pm.

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