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My Mum Your Dad: Davina McCall backs ‘biggest gent’ Martin H as ‘rude’ Monique blasted over ‘dead fish in the water’ comment

Monique was pretty savage last night…

My Mum, Your Dad host Davina McCall has backed “biggest gent” Martin H after his co-star Monique left viewers unimpressed.

The hit ITV1 dating show returned for another instalment on Monday night (September 18). And it’s fair to say it delivered on the drama!

So much so that when Monique called it quits with Martin H, host Davina spoke out on the shock move.

My Mum Your Dad stars on the show
Monique called it quits with Martin H (Credit: ITV)

My Mum, Your Dad: Davina backs ‘gent’ Martin H

As My Mum, Your Dad viewers will know, things seemed to be going pretty well for Monique and Martin H. But that all changed when Martin M came walking into the retreat. And during the latest episode, Monique took Martin H outside to essentially dump the poor fella – and fans, and Davina, were not too happy about it.

“I think I have some real core needs in what I want in a partner, and they’re not presenting themselves, and it’s not you,” she told Martin H. He replied: “I know,” as Monique then savagely quipped: “But I feel like it’s gone a bit dead fish in the water.”

My Mum, Your Dad star Martin H
Martin was branded a ‘gent’ by Davina McCall (Credit: ITV)

My Mum, Your Dad star shuts down relationship

She went on: “I didn’t feel any butterflies towards anyone else. But I’m starting to with Martin M and that’s a very hard fact to deal with.”

It seemed like such a cruel phrase to use.

Martin quizzed: “Isn’t that why we’re here?” to which she replied: “Yes and I’m not perfect. But I’m also not a person that would want you to feel any kind of pain or betrayal, or look at it like I’ve just left you out there.”

Despite the heartbreaking revelation for Martin H, he was nothing but a gentleman as he told her: “Listen Monique you know I think that you’re an incredibly attractive woman, I’m attracted to what’s on the inside as what’s on the outside. I have nothing but respect for you as a person and for the decisions you make.”

He then picked up her hand said: “Let me hold your hand because it helps me. I would be thrilled if you found what you came for.” Martin went on: “So don’t feel that you’ve hurt me in any way.”

My Mum, Your Dad star Monique
Monique was branded ‘rude’ for her comment (Credit: ITV)

My Mum, Your Dad viewers not happy

The rather emotional scenes got plenty of viewers talking at home. And even the show’s host Davina rushed over to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her thoughts.

She wrote: “Oh god x ‘dead fish in the water’… this is sooooo hard … I honestly feel that if I asked people to go out with Martin H on here I would be INUNDATED. He is the biggest gent.”

Another fan agreed and said: “Unfortunately Monique is making a mistake, we can all see it! Martin H is a kind soul, she hasn’t realised that’s exactly what her heart needs! Team Martin H.”

What else did fans say?

Another quipped: “Yes it seemed like such a cruel phrase to use. She didn’t mean to be harsh, but that must have really hurt. Martin H is a real catch. Someone will be very lucky to be with him. I wish him all the best and hope he finds love.”

Other viewers hit at our Monique for her “rude” comment. An angry fan said: “Monique you didn’t give it a chance to say it was ‘dead fish in the water’ with Martin. That wasn’t nice to say. I hope he finds someone off the back of this show for real.”

Another added: “‘Dead fish in the water’ how rude! Martin H is too good Monique anyway. She is rude.”

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