Sam smiling while Inga looks mad on Made In Chelsea

Sam Prince’s bid to win back Inga on Made In Chelsea ends in split

Sam is desperate to get back with Inga

Sam Prince and Inga Valentiner have a very rocky relationship history on Made In Chelsea.

The pair eventually decided to end things between them after Sam brutally confessed that he felt suffocated by Inga.

However, things took a turn, with Sam eager to win Inga back.

So are the pair back together? Here’s what we know.

Inga looking furious on Made In Chelsea
Inga breaks up with Sam after he admits that he still wants to be friends with Verity (Credit: E4)

Sam and Inga split on Made In Chelsea

Viewers were shocked when Sam and Inga finally decided to end things during this series of Made In Chelsea.

This came after Sam told Inga that he felt suffocated in their relationship and asked for some space.

He said: “I don’t want to ruin what we have and I think some space is needed between us.”

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The pair then agreed to take some space as Sam went to visit Yorkshire.

However, when Sam came back he confessed that he spent time with Verity, who he kissed last series, and admitted that he is now pals with her.

This lead a furious Inga to say: “You’re done.

“You are dumped, fully. And I’m never speaking to you again.”

Sam Prince smiling on Made In Chelsea
Sam Prince wants to win Inga back in tonight’s episode of Made In Chelsea (Credit: E4)

Are Sam and Inga back together?

But in the most recent episode of Made In Chelsea it looked as though Sam was willing to fight to get Inga back.

He was even willing to throw his friendship with Liv away for her.

In the preview, Sam told Liv: “For me to fight for Inga, we can’t be mates.”

This led Liv to say: “You and I have been friends for years. To throw that away for a girl…

“Good luck to you.”

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However, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for the couple as the pair no longer follow each other on social media.

Sam has also been spotted on a few dating apps which has led fans to speculate that he may, once again, be enjoying being single.

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