Julie Graham on finding love after husband took his own life: ‘Meeting somebody was the last thing I wanted’

Silent Witness star Julie Graham is happily married again after suicide of first husband

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Julie Graham, star of Silent Witness and The Serial Killer’s Wife, is a TV regular but, behind the camera, she suffered heartache after her first husband took his own life.

Julie was able to heal from the tragedy and move on, despite admitting doing so was “the last thing I wanted to do”. Nowadays, she is happily married to her second husband. Who is he and how did they meet?

Here’s everything you need to know about Julie Graham, her extensive acting career, and the tragedy that ended her first marriage.

Julie Graham in Payback trailer
Julie in the Jed Mercurio-produced drama Payback in 2023 (Credit: ITV)

Who is Julie Graham?

Julie Graham is a Scottish actress and television regular. Born on July 24, 1965 in Ayrshire, Scotland, Julie’s biggest role is arguably Sheron Dawson in Benidorm.

The 58-year-old’s extensive acting career spans five decades. Her first TV role came in 1984’s The End of The Line. Julie’s barely been off our screens since!

Was Julie in Madame Blanc Mysteries?

Julie recently guest starred as Delphine, a party attendee at Judith’s surprise birthday celebrations, in The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

She attends the do alongside sister Nancy (Lisa Maxwell), but everyone is horrified when Nancy’s kidnapped on a toilet break.

After Jeremy receives a ransom note for Nancy – and an image of her tied up – it’s up to Jean (Sally Lindsay) and Dom (Steve Edge) to mount a rescue mission!

Tom Hollander and Julie Graham in 1998 film Bedrooms and Hallways
Tom Hollander and Julie Graham having what looks like one hell of a time on 1998 LGBTQ+ film Bedrooms and Hallways (Credit: Cover Images)

Julie Graham husband: What has she starred in?

Julie’s first major role was on Channel 4‘s Blood Red Roses in 1986. A year later, she starred in BBC series The Houseman’s Tale.

She bagged a recurring role on Casualty in 1988, starring as student nurse Alison McGrellis.

By the 90s, Julie was taking major roles in British film, including 1995’s The Near Room, 1997’s Preaching to the Perverted and 1998’s Bedrooms and Hallways.

At Home with the Braithwaites (2000-2003) came next, in which Julie played neighbour Megan Hartnoll. Julie appeared in all four seasons of the award-winning comedy-drama.

In 2003, Julie starred alongside Martin Clunes in the BAFTA-nominated William and Mary. The series explored the romance between undertaker William Shawcross and midwife Mary Gilcrest.

From 2008 to 2010, Julie played the lead role of Abby Grant in BBC science fiction drama Survivors. Abby was the leader of a group of survivors from a deadly flu epidemic.

Next were roles in Being Eileen (2013) and The Bletchley Circle (2012-2014), followed by the big role of DI Perez’s boss Rhona Kelly in Shetland (2014-2022).

And then came her famous turn in Benidorm. While Sheron only appeared in the last three seasons of the hit comedy, she certainly made it memorable!

Her more recent roles have included Acorn TV‘s Queens of Mystery, which aired from 2019 to 2021. In 2024, she guest stars as Home Office’s Elinor Shaw in the Silent Witness episode entitled Death by a Thousand Hits.

Julie Graham as Elinor Shaw in Silent Witness
Julie Graham as Elinor Shaw in Silent Witness (Credit: BBC Studios/Gary Moyes)

Was Julie Graham in Silent Witness?

Actress Julie Graham appeared in the cast of Silent Witness series 27, episodes 7 and 8, entitled Death by a Thousand Hits.

In the two-parter, the Lyell team investigated the death of a Burmese man discovered on an abandoned beach. Nikki and Jack found themselves in uncharted territory as they pieced together the perplexing crime scene that posed more questions than it answered.

Julie Graham portrayed the Home Office’s Elinor Shaw, who arrived on the scene with the possibility of a grant for the Lyell Centre.

Does she star in The Serial Killer’s Wife?

The actress portrays Clover in the cast of The Serial Killer’s Wife on Channel 5. It previously aired on Paramount+.

The thriller also stars The Split actress Annabel Scholey, Luke Treadaway, and Luke Farthing. In the plot, Beth’s husband Tom, a village doctor, is arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer. His wife investigates with his best friend and more evidence emerges, forcing her to question if she really knows the man she married.

Julie Graham plays Beth’s absent mother Clover, who arrives on the scene just as her daughter’s life begins to unravel.

Julie Graham at the Women in Film and TV Awards, London, UK in 2022
Julie Graham was devastated after the suicide of her first husband (Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock)

How much is she worth?

According to Idol Net Worth, Julie’s doing pretty well for herself! The Scottish actress is apparently worth over £14 million.

That’s largely due to her impressive TV career, which spans four decades.

Who is the husband of Julie Graham?

Julie Graham was married to actor Joseph Bennett from 2002 until 2015. The pair met while they were performing a play together and had two children together called Edie and Cyd.

Joseph appeared in a variety of films such as Howards End and The Last Minute. However, in April 2015, Julie was heartbroken after he tragically took his own life.

Scotland Yard confirmed the reports, saying at the time: “A man in his mid-40s was pronounced dead at the scene. A report has been submitted to the coroner’s officer.”

Julie eventually moved on with Davy Croket, who helped her mend her broken heart.

The pair met while she was filming Benidorm, for which Davy was a skydiving instructor.

Julie admitted that she wasn’t expecting to fall for someone so soon after her husband’s death, but he “makes her happy”.

Talking to the Sun, she said: “He’s just lovely, gorgeous and he makes me happy. Meeting somebody was the last thing I wanted to do. I was adamant that I wanted to spend some time on my own.

“Although the year was difficult in some ways, it has been really positive too.”

The pair married in October 2019 in Brighton.

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