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Loose Women star Denise Welch declares she’s ’sick of it’ after row and says ‘I’ll shout as loud as I want’

The Loose Women star is STILL angry

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Loose Women panellist Denise Welch has hit back on Twitter after yesterday’s on-air row about Meghan Markle.

The outspoken star defended Meghan as the team discussed her latest interview in US publication The Cut.

Yet opinions differed and Denise and fellow panellist Gloria Hunniford clashed.

Denise Welch on Loose Women
Denise Welch got into fierce debate over Meghan Markle on Loose Women (Credit: YouTube)

Loose Women star Denise Welch hits back

After an intense debate on Tuesday’s Loose Women, Denise wasn’t ready to let it go. As her words hit headlines, she shared a post on Twitter to continue her fierce rant.

She wrote: “I’ll shout as loud and as much as I want!! I’m passionate about this subject & have had to listen to 48hr of Meghan and Harry bashing and I’m sick of it!!!”

I’ll shout as loud and as much as I want!!

And fans were quick to support her words. One fan replied: “Good for you Denise!! I was shouting right along with you!!! Never apologise for refusing to be bullied by those who demand the bullying of this couple continue. No matter who they are.”

Another added: “I’m with you on this Denise. I cannot believe the amount of bullying they must endure from people who say they know everything about them when in reality it’s only the [bleep] they’ve read in MSM. None of them actually know her.”

“Thank you for defending them. I’ve always been a big supporter of Harry’s since I was a child & all he has done is what is best for his wife & children,” said a third.

A fourth agreed: “I agree with you Denise. There is so much about the royal family that remains hidden. All may not be what it seems. There are always two sides to every story and for all we know, she could be the best thing to have happened to Harry. Maybe it’s time for the public to know truth.”

Jane Moore and Denise Welch on Loose Women today
Jane and Denise clashed on Loose Women (Credit: YouTube)

What was said on Loose Women?

The row saw the members of the Loose Women panel reveal their clashing opinions.

The discussion was kicked off by Denise saying: “I think that Meghan Markle can do nothing right.”

She then said that she hasn’t been able to “since the beginning”.

Whilst her initial comments appeared to be felt by her fellow Loose Women, Denise continued and ruffled some feathers with her words.

She added that she has been on the Meghan Markle “support wagon” since she first started dating Prince Harry.

“To live in a world where she is denigrated so badly every single day, even when she was suffering incredible mental health issues with her child. I don’t know how she survives sometimes.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the Service of Thanksgiving
A debate around Meghan Markle has sparked tempers on Loose Women (Credit: Cover Images)

Denise clashed with fellow Loose Women stars

However the issue of privacy saw Denise rage in anger against fellow Loose Women Jane and Gloria.

Gloria attempted to calm her co-star saying: “Don’t shout at me. Just stop talking for one minute.”

“I won’t shout at you,” Denise interrupted as Gloria let go of her arm.

Gloria then shared her views on Meghan and Harry: “I respected the fact that they wanted a bit of privacy. But now privacy to me is you go to a different country and you do not do Oprah Winfrey, do every magazine and do all sorts of deals with Netflix.”

Denise disagreed but Gloria continued until Denise could hold her anger no more. As a result, Denise couldn’t bottle up any more and argued that if Meghan’s told lies, so have the royal family.

Whilst being told off for shouting, a passionate Denise added: “I’m not shouting at you, I’m just shouting generally.”

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