Loose Women star Coleen Nolan reveals pre-diabetes diagnosis as she admits suffering ‘absolute fatigue’

Doctors were concerned and wanted to address it immediately

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Coleen Nolan shared a new health update on Loose Women this week.

Candidly chatting about her journey to receiving a diagnosis, Coleen detailed being hit by “absolute fatigue” prior to receiving the news.

However, Coleen admitted to presuming her health changes were due to menopause, rather than an underlying issue.

Coleen Nolan wearing pink blazer on Loose Women shocked expression
Coleen detailed her diagnosis on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Coleen Nolan shares pre-diabetes diagnosis on Loose Women

Chatting on the show, Coleen described a change in her overall health. She said: “I went and had blood tests for things. I was feeling tired, but it wasn’t just a normal tired. It was absolute fatigue. Even if I had seven hours sleep, I’d be so tired all day, kept falling asleep and just felt a bit lethargic in many ways.

“I went about that really because I thought something’s not right and he did blood tests. Initially they came back and said: ‘No, your blood tests are fine, you’re a bit deficient in Vitamin D, so you just need to up that.'”

She then added: “Then I got another phone call. I’d come down to do Loose Women actually about seven o’clock at night and she said: ‘They sent your blood test to me. I’m the diabetic specialist and I need to see you this week, you’re very on the line of type-2 diabetes, so we need to get it now.'”

I thought you were just going to tell me to take iron tablets or something you know.

Coleen quipped:”I thought you were just going to tell me to take iron tablets or something.”

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Coleen explains her condition

She explained: “Yeah, it was quite alarming. But, I also realised that type 2 diabetes can be reversed because it is down to diet and lifestyle changes.”

Coleen concluded: “I think it’s something like one in three people have it and don’t know.”

The star also explained that she had ignored the symptoms and presumed they were due to menopause.

According to Diabetes UK: “Pre-diabetes means that your blood sugars are higher than usual, but not high enough for you to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Coleen Nolan wearing pink blazer on Loose Women
Coleen has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (Credit: ITV)

“It also means that you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.”

Symptoms include: going to the toilet more often (especially at night), feeling more tired and losing weight without trying.

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