Jason Watkins and daughter Bessie smiling

Jason Watkins on the ‘most difficult thing’ about two-year-old daughter Maude’s death

He keeps her memory alive by campaigning

Actor Jason Watkins previously revealed the “most difficult thing” about his two-year-old daughter’s death.

Little Maude tragically died from sepsis in 2011.

Since then both Jason, 59, and his fashion designer wife Clara Francis have been vocal in keeping her memory alive.

Jason Watkins and wife Clara Francis smiling on the red carpet
Jason Watkins and wife Clara Francis (Credit: Splash News)

Jason Watkins on ‘most difficult thing’ about daughter’s death

Maude was the couple’s second child.

She was two and a half years old when she developed a persistent cough and breathing problems.

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She was initially diagnosed with croup, but later died from sepsis.

Jason and Clara, who also have daughter Bessie and son Gilbert, are staunch campaigners who work hard to make people more aware of the dangers of sepsis.

Jason Watkins and daughter Bessie smiling
Jason Watkins said the hardest thing about Maude dying was telling Bessie (Credit: Splash News)

And, as a result, the McDonald & Dodds actor told in the past how the hardest thing about Maude’s death was breaking the news to her sister Bessie.

Telling a child: ‘Your sister is not coming back’ is difficult.

“That was the most difficult thing. Explaining to her what had happened. I think she knew because she was there, that was the shocking thing, the traumatic thing for her,” he previously explained.

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“Telling a child: ‘Your sister is not coming back,’ is difficult. You can use euphemisms of heaven and those sort of things. Whatever helps for you is the way to do it.”

Bessie was just a couple of years older than Maude when her sister died. Gilbert was born after Maude’s death.

Jason Watkins in McDonald & Dodds (Credit: ITV)

Jason’s back on McDonald & Dodds

Tonight (June 26) sees the return of the crime detectives drama McDonald & Dodds.

Series 3, Belvedere, is a four-parter which sees Jason reprise his role as DS Dodds and Tala Gouveia, 38, back as the ambitious DCI McDonald.

“I love playing Dodds. This time, I think it’s fair to say that he’s embroiled in some of the cases.

“Obviously, he hasn’t committed a crime, but he’s targeted a bit by the criminals involved.

“His personal life is being toyed with and for him, as a very private, shy person, that brings in another dimension.”

McDonald & Dodds is on Sunday (June 26), 8pm on ITV.

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