Best TV Comeback Entertainment Daily Awards 2023

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023: Vote for Your Best TV Comeback

Happy Valley, BB and Waterloo Road in the running…

From the return of Aussie favourite Neighbours to the decades-long wait for new episodes of Survivor, everyone and their gran seemed to pick 2023 to make a comeback.

What better way to celebrate, then, than compiling them all for ED! readers to vote on the Best TV Comeback in the Entertainment Daily Awards 2023?

Best TV Comeback is a brand-new category for the ED! Awards. So vote for the year’s Best TV Comeback in the Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 now.

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 Best TV Comeback Neighbours
We returned to Ramsay Street in 2023, but was the comeback as good as that star-studded finale in 2022? (Credit: ED!)

The nominees for Best TV Comeback

In 2023, our contenders for Best TV Comeback are Neighbours; Happy Valley; Big Brother; Survivor and Waterloo Road.

First up: Neighbours. We were anything but okay in summer 2022 when Neighbours said its final goodbyes after three decades on screen. We weren’t to know then that a few short months later, Amazon Freevee would agree to restart the soap. And what a return to glory it was! Set two years from the “finale”, a lot had changed since we last saw Ramsay Street.

Happy Valley also returned after a more respectable absence of eight years from our screens in 2023. This comeback saw Sergeant Catherine Cawood closing in on retirement, seven years after the end of season two. This comeback was also a goodbye, tying up some of the series’ longer-running emotional dramas in the always troublesome Calder Valley.

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 Best TV Comeback Big Brother
Who doesn’t love sticking 16 strangers in a house together and watching them fight? If not you, you should vote in the ED! Awards (Credit: ED!)

Big Brother bounced back after five years off our screens, after a much-needed refresh after 19 consecutive seasons. We got new presenters in AJ Odudu and Will Best, a beautiful and updated new house, and a new cast of drama queens. It’s tried and tested television gold, but did Big Brother’s big return hit the mark with ED! readers?

Survivor definitely wins the award for the longest absence. Before 2023, we last watched the reality show in 2002. Yikes! There were plenty of changes made from the original series, including new ways to acquire immunity to being voted off and an outpost where exiled players were sent. The BBC pulled out all the stops for this one, but did the Beeb get it right?

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 Best TV Comeback Waterloo Road
The big British school drama – and star actor-making machine – was back in 2023. Was it worth the wait? (Credit: ED!)

Eight years had passed since we last saw Waterloo Road. That’s longer than secondary school is itself! Unsurprisingly, the 2023 revival saw a full new cast of characters. It also returned to the original series setting of Rochdale, where the show hadn’t been based since 2012. Did this one hit the nostalgia buttons, or are you way over high school?

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Susan Brett
TV Writer