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Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones criticised for ‘grumpy’ behaviour

He wasn't happy!

Dragons’ Den viewers criticised Peter Jones for being ‘grumpy’ on Friday’s episode.

The British entrepreneur, 55, didn’t seem to be in the best of spirits this week.

He lashed out at one hopeful, even labelling their kit ‘a disgrace’.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Peter.

One viewer tweeted: “Peter is so blooming grumpy tonight #DragonsDen.”

peter dragon's den
Peter grilled pitcher Zena (Credit: BBC)

Dragons’ Den viewers were confused over Peter Jones

Another viewer asked: “Why so grumpy Peter? #dragonsden.”

And a third viewer commented: “Crikey Peter is grumpy tonight and quite rude to the poor girl #dragonsden. Well done @DeborahMeaden for being kind.”

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On the episode budding entrepreneur Zena El Farra presented her business MasterPeace, which creates mindful painting experiences.

However, Peter seemed less than impressed and was particularly confused by her turnover figures.

He said: “You might be nervous Zena but this is really important.

zena dragon's den
Zena was nervous throughout her pitch (Credit: BBC)

What did Peter say to Zena?

“It is coming across as really woolly. So I’m going to start again – what has your turnover been?

“Just in those three months?”

Unable to give exact figures, Peter appeared to get further exasperated.

And poor Zena seemed even more nervous.

Finally Peter said: “So you’re losing money at the moment?”

After that, Zena rather reluctantly agreed.

peter on dragon's den
Did Peter go too far with his criticism? (Credit: BBC)

Did any Dragons support her?

Yet additional Dragon Deborah Meaden jumped in to defend the banker turned business owner.

She argued that Zena had a good understanding of her figures.

Further irritating Peter, she said: “I totally disagree. You were talking about admin costs… nothing to do with gross profits.”

Deborah further defended her with: “She was only talking through it. Personally I thought you demonstrated very well that you had an understanding of the way those numbers were.”

Peter went on to call her children art kit “a disgrace”.

deborah dragon's den
Deborah made Zena an offer she didn’t refuse (Credit: BBC)

Was Peter too rude to Zena?

Additional Twitter viewers claimed he was unkind to Zena.

One user argued: “Absolutely no need to speak to the girl Zena like that! #dragonsden.”

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Others offered their support by purchasing one of her art kits online.

Finally, only one of the Dragons invested in the business.

Deborah said she thought Zena could make a decent business.

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However, she said she still “had a lot of stuff to work on”.

Peter Jones’ particularly grumpy episode comes just a week after it was announced Jessops had filed for administration.

This will put 17 stores and 120 jobs at risk. Peter purchased the company in 2013.

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Associate Editor

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