Coleen Nolan on Loose Women, Linda Nolan on GMB

Coleen Nolan reveals new cancer heartache following sister Linda’s devastating news

Poor Coleen!

Coleen Nolan shared a new cancer heartache on Loose Women today.

On the ITV daytime show today (Tuesday, March 28), the panel had a heartbreaking discussion about the loss of their beloved pets.

Ruth Langsford became emotional about the notion of putting down her family dog.

However, Coleen – who has already had an emotional week on the show – opened up about her own pooch.

“For anyone that hasn’t got animals and dogs, they don’t get it,” she explained. “They just love you unconditionally, they’re the most fantastic thing in your life.”

The TV star then went on to share details of her own recent woe.

Coleen Nolan on Loose Women today
Coleen Nolan opened up about her pet’s struggle on the show today (Credit: ITV)

Coleen Nolan reveals dog’s cancer

“My two young spaniels, they got to 13 or 14 and they got really ill,” she explained.

“They started to not have a quality of life. I’m always saying to the vet, ‘Don’t let me keep this dog for me.’ Don’t get me wrong, I sobbed over them when I had them put them down.”

“My little three-legged Yorkie, she’s in remission from cancer. But chemo doesn’t cure dogs, it just gives them a longer time. She’s bouncing around and she’s fine, but I know it’s coming,” she added.

Meanwhile, on Monday’s show, Coleen bravely opened up about her sister’s recent cancer news.

Linda Nolan appeared on yesterday’s Good Morning Britain where she tragically announced that her incurable cancer had now spread to her brain.

She said: “Unfortunately, sadly for me, my cancer has now spread to my brain, which I only found out on Monday.

“I’ve always been honest and I just wanted people to know that’s the situation and I’m not giving up, I’m positive. I’m going to lose my hair, again, for the fourth time. My sister said: ‘At least you’ve got some nice wigs now.'”

Linda Nolan speaking about cancer on GMB
Linda revealed her cancer has tragically spread to her brain (Credit: ITV)

A few hours later on Loose Women, Coleen shared with viewers how it had left her feeling “numb”.

She said: “It’s so weird because even since Monday I haven’t cried because I’ve felt really numb. I’ve just thought I’m so sick of it because it attacks my family all the time and, I know a lot of people, but selfishly you think of your family.

But chemo doesn’t cure dogs, it just gives them a longer time.

“And I haven’t… I’m scared of crying because I don’t think I’ll stop.”

Her eyes then began to fill up as she spluttered: “I’m going to cry now so can you move on?”

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