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Jermaine Pennant launches savage attack on Celebrity SAS co-star Matt Hancock


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Celebrity SAS star Jermaine Pennant has launched a savage attack on his co-star, Matt Hancock.

Jermaine and Matt (literally) came to blows during a challenge on the show recently. The former footballer has had a lot to say on the matter since.

Cast of Celebrity SAS
Jermaine and Matt are in Celebrity SAS (Credit: Channel 4)

Celebrity SAS star Jermaine Pennant hits out at Matt Hancock

During the early stages of Celebrity SAS, Matt and Jermaine were pitted against each other in a boxing fight. The stars had the aim of hitting each other as much and as hard as possible.

Jermaine emerged victorious from their scrap, and has since hit out at the former Health Secretary, confessing he’s “glad” he punched him.

Speaking to Lucky Block, he said: “I had a slight smile when his number was called out! My first thought was ‘You can’t lose this’, and my second was ‘The nation is spurring you on’.”

“We’re not fighters and we both know it wasn’t going to be a good boxing match, but I just focused on not losing – and that’s what happened!” he then said.

Matt Hancock
Matt was slammed by Jermaine (Credit: Channel 4)

Celebrity SAS star Jermaine Pennant slams Matt Hancock

Jermaine then continued, claiming Matt Hancock never apologised for what he did during the pandemic. Instead, he allegedly just spoke about his affair.

“Surprisingly, Matt didn’t talk about breaking lockdown rules on the show,” he said.

“He mostly talked about his mistake of getting caught with another woman and falling in love, but he didn’t really talk about the decisions he made during lockdown or him not abiding by rules.”

“I thought he could have come out and apologised to the millions of people who couldn’t see loved ones during that time,” Jermaine then said.

“I thought he could have gone into the mirror room and apologised, but instead, he talked just about his affair,” he then added.

Jermaine Pennant on Celebrity SAS
Jermaine hasn’t held back! (Credit: Channel 4)

Jermaine goes in on Hancock

Jermaine continued. “I think Matt Hancock is trying to do as many good shows as he can to try and improve his persona,” he said.

“However, it does not matter what he does. Him going on SAS or I’m a Celeb is not going to change peoples’ opinions of him to the thousands who lost loved ones,” he then said.

“The only thing that would do that is a sincere apology. He can go on every show, and it’ll make no difference.”

He also added that he doesn’t feel like Matt was “opening up fully” during their time on the show.

“Some of us felt like Hancock wasn’t opening up fully, and that he was there as part of a game,” he said.

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Celebrity SAS continues on Sunday, October 8 at 9pm on Channel 4. 

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