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Cathy Tyson joins BBC One’s Boiling Point as Carly’s mum

Is it even believable?

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BBC One has cast acclaimed actress Cathy Tyson as Carly’s mum in the TV series Boiling Point, but it might be a stretch for some viewers who will no doubt question her age.

The Band of Gold actress joins the cast of the film spin-off as a totally new character. This time, the series focuses on Vinette Robinson’s character Carly.

Actress Vinette won several prestigious awards for her supporting role of Carly in the 2021 film Boiling Point. So it’s little wonder that she’s been put centre stage in the four-part TV series. As her story becomes the main focus of the drama, Cathy Tyson has joined the cast as Carly’s needy mum Vivian.

But is Cathy Tyson the right age to play the elderly character in the BBC One series?

Cathy Tyson as Cathy's mum in Boiling Point
Cathy Tyson as Cathy’s mum in Boiling Point (Credit: Boiling Point TV Limited/James Stack)

Who plays Carly’s mum Vivian in Boiling Point?

During the first episode of Boiling Point on BBC One (Sunday, October 01, 2023), viewers catch up with what’s been happening to the characters from the film. It’s around six months on, and Carly is now head chef of her own restaurant North Point, and most of the staff from Jones & Sons have joined her.

Carly, formerly working under Stephen Graham’s character Andy Jones, is now running her own business – and faces all the same pressures that Andy faced before her. As well as the usual stresses of running a business, especially an intense restaurant kitchen, she’s also a daughter to her increasingly frail mum.

Cathy Tyson joins the cast as Carly’s mum Vivian. Vivian provides our first snapshot into Carly’s personal life. Boiling Point episode 1 shows Carly at the mercy of her mother’s frequent phone calls. As if working in a pressure-cooker environment wasn’t bad enough!

We later discover that Vivian has recently had a personal alarm installed in her house, and has troubles with her health. First impressions suggest she’s needy, with little regard for the pressures her daughter faces.

Boiling Point the TV series promo shot
The TV series Boiling Point lands in October (Credit: BBC One)

What age is Cathy Tyson?

Cathy Tyson is a fabulous actress, whose performance in Help won her a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress. But even she might struggle to pull off the role of Carly’s mum.

In real life, Cathy Tyson is just 58 years old. So we’re not sure she’s old enough to be convincing as Carly’s infirm mum. Vinette Robinson, who plays Carly, is reportedly 42 years old.

Yes, we know it’s possible (we sat through biology lessons, thank you very much). Vivian could have had Carly at 16. But we’re not sure we buy it. Time will tell as their stories are (hopefully) revealed.

A few eagle-eyed fans agreed with us. One tweeted: “Cathy Tyson isn’t old enough to be Vinette Robinson’s mum! #BoilingPoint.”

Another simply commented on how amazing Cathy Tyson looks for her age, writing: “I’m just catching up with Boiling Point #BoilingPoint on #BBC. Single camera opening sequence was outstanding. The title sequence was great, too. Interested to see how it develops. Also, Cathy Tyson looks incredible for 58.”

What is the relationship between Cathy Tyson and Vinette Robinson?

Away from the show, where they play mother and daughter, actress Vinette Robinson admits she’s a huge fan of Cathy Tyson.

Talking about her character Carly in the series, Vinette explains: “A lot of it is based on the back story that I created: what her home and personal life are, how her job impacts that, how she manages, or not, to balance those two things. We also delve into her relationship to her team and ultimately her relationship to herself, though there’s still a lot Carly isn’t ready to face.”

She adds: “We meet Carly’s mum, who’s played by the brilliant Cathy Tyson. I was excited to work with her because I’m such an admirer of her work. She’s a fellow mixed-race actress that I’d watched growing up when there weren’t many people who looked like me on TV, she paved the way.

“The idea of having Carly’s mum in the storyline came from understanding why Carly is the way she is and what’s pushed her to that point.”

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Boiling Point starts on Sunday, October o1, 2023 at 9pm on BBC One.

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