Liv Dingle looking scared in Emmerdale

Liv Flaherty’s Emmerdale journey: From arrival to tragic 50th anniversary death

Liv's death left fans devastated

Liv Flaherty first appeared in Emmerdale in 2016. However she died during the soap’s 50th anniversary, leaving fans devastated.

What is Liv’s story and how did she die?

Liv met Aaron when he confronted his former stepmum about his dad’s abuse (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is Liv Flaherty in Emmerdale?

Liv was born on February 16 2002 and was played by actress Isobel Steele.

Liv is Aaron Dingle’s half sister. They share a father – Gordon Livesy – and her mother is Gordon’s second wife, Sandra Flaherty.

Aaron met his little sister when he went to confront Sandra about his father’s abuse, and she nicked his wallet!

Teen tearaway Liv decided to stay in Emmerdale with her brother and the Dingle family.

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Was Liv Flaherty asexual?

Liv began struggling with her sexuality when she was in her mid-teens.

Taunted by Gabby Thomas about her lack of interest in boys, and her friendship with Gerry Roberts, she eventually told Belle Dingle she wasn’t interested in anyone – boys or girls.

When Jacob Gallagher was being groomed by teacher Maya Stepney, he started dating Liv in an attempt to cover up his relationship with Maya.

He assured Liv he wouldn’t pressure her into sex, and Liv was pleased at his understanding, unaware of what was behind Jacob’s supposed kindness.

When Liv met Vinny, the cute couple seemed made for each other. And, despite Liv’s asexuality, they began a relationship.

But Vinny had his own struggles and when he was forced to break up with Liv by evil dad Paul, he lashed out. He cruelly told Liv she was a ‘weirdo, who doesn’t want sex’ and Liv was heartbroken.

Eventually, after many struggles, Liv and Vinny got back together and got married.

Liv was diagnosed with epilepsy (Credit: ITV)

Did Liv Flaherty have epilepsy in Emmerdale?

Liv suffered a seizure in the summer of 2019, alone in the woods.

She was in danger until she was found by Wendy Posner, who managed to save the teen’s life.

At first, Liv kept her continuing seizures secret from her family as she struggled to deal with what was happening to her.

But when she suffered another seizure in front of Vinny, he called an ambulance.

Liv was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy and Emmerdale, and actress Isobel Steele, who plays Liv, worked closely with the charity Young Epilepsy on the storyline.

Was Liv an alcoholic?

Liv’s friendship with Gabby Thomas took a dark turn, when Gabby’s vendetta against her mum Bernice’s boyfriend Daz Spencer went too far.

Liv and Gabby stole some ketamine from vet Vanessa Woodfield’s bag, to spike Daz’s drink. But it was Lisa Dingle’s drink and poor Lisa suffered a cardiac arrest as a result.

Liv began drinking to cope with her guilt and when she was sent to prison for her part in the drama, her dependence on alcohol got worse.

Determined Liv eventually gave up drinking.

Emmerdale Paul Ashdale
Paul abused Vinny (Credit: ITV)

However, earlier last year Liv found out Paul Ashdale had been abusing his son, Vinny – her boyfriend.

Liv confronted Paul, who was a gambling addict, on his wedding day in the wedding barn. However he soon turned violent and began beating her.

Moments later Jimmy accidentally crashed his truck through the barn and Paul became trapped.

Liv made an attempt to rescue Paul but, when he began threatening her, she left. Moments later the barn exploded and Paul died.

Consumed with guilt, Liv began drinking again.

She eventually got sober once more, but hit the bottle again.

Aaron told Liv she was on her own (Credit: ITV)

Why did Aaron and Liv fall out?

When Liv was drunk one night she went into The Hide and got into an argument with Aaron’s boyfriend Ben Tucker.

Ben tried to record Liv so she could watch her behaviour when sober, but she took his phone off him.

She left but shortly afterwards Meena Jutla killed Ben, fearing he would find out she tried to murder Victoria Sugden.

Liv couldn’t remember what happened but as she had Ben’s phone, police thought she killed Ben.

Liv was arrested and sent to prison.

Aaron believed she had killed Ben in a drunk rage and left the village, heartbroken.

Eventually police were able to prove Meena killed Ben and Liv was released.

She went on to marry Vinny and stayed away from alcohol.

Aaron returned to the village and made amends with Liv, apologising for not believing her.

They even talked about getting a dog and starting a family, but tragedy soon struck when a storm hit the village.

Emmerdale's Liv looking scared as she speaks to Aaron
Liv died last month (Credit: ITV)

How did Liv die?

During Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary blew through Emmerdale.

Paddy asked Vinny and Liv to go and look after his daughter Eve as he needed to get to the hospital to be with his injured wife Chas.

As they made their way through the village, a caravan came flying towards them and trapped Liv.

When paramedics arrived they found that the caravan was the only thing keeping Liv alive and she would die.

Aaron and Vinny said their goodbyes and Liv died with her husband by her side.

She died on October 16 2022.

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