Tina in Coronation Street

Michelle Keegan’s character Tina McIntyre’s dramatic exit from Coronation Street

The plot gripped the nation as the wrong man was sent down

Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan, hit the cobbles as David Platt’s girlfriend in 2008.

She quickly became one of the show’s most popular characters and was involved in many huge storylines throughout her six years on the soap.

Michelle made the decision to leave after six years in 2014 and the producers announced Tina was set to be killed off in the show’s latest whodunnit.

Here’s everything you need to know about her death.

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Who was Tina McIntyre?

Tina McIntyre Corrie ITV/YouTube
Michelle Keegan played Tina McIntyre (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Tina McIntyre arrived on the cobbles in 2008 and immediately made her presence known when she fell out with Gail Platt – whose son, David, she subsequently started dating.

Tina split up with David after she had an abortion and then moved on with Jason Grimshaw. Their relationship came to an end when Tina’s dad, Joe McIntyre, accidentally killed himself when trying to fake his own death.

She grew close to Graeme Proctor, but he ended up running off with her friend Xin, who he’d married to secure her a visa.

Tina then got together with Tommy Duckworth, but he left after she agreed to be a surrogate for Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass. Tina struggled with giving the baby up when she gave birth to him, but eventually handed him over.

She then embarked on an affair with Peter Barlow, which ultimately led to her demise.

When did Tina McIntyre’s affair with Peter Barlow start?

Peter Tina Corrie Credit: YouTube/ITV
Peter’s a hard man to say no to (Credit: YouTube/ITV)

In 2013, Peter and Tina began an affair.

Tina was babysitting his son, Simon Barlow, and Peter was planning his wedding to Carla Connor, but was unsure about getting married. He confided his fears in Tina and they grew closer.

Their affair began for real on his wedding night to Carla – who was taken to bed drunk at the end of the night.

Despite Peter insisting he wanted to make his marriage work, Tina continued to pursue him and it didn’t take long for him to give in to her charms.

Soon fed up of being his bit on the side, Tina insisted he choose between her and Carla, and he agreed to leave with her – until Carla announced she was pregnant.

Her bags all packed, Tina was ready to go, until she heard Peter in the Rovers telling everyone he was going to be a dad.

A furious Tina scratched Peter on the face and threatened to tell Carla everything before leaving the pub heartbroken.

Who were the suspects in Tina McIntyre’s murder?

When Corrie announced they were killing Tina off, it was revealed that we’d find out whodunnit on the night of the actual murder.

But prior to that, they released a list of suspects whose names were in the frame.

The four potential killers were revealed as: Tracy Barlow, Carla Connor, Peter Barlow and Rob Donovan.

Tracy and Tina never got along, especially as Tina had planted a kiss on her boyfriend Rob to make Peter jealous. Tina also knew Tracy and Rob were selling stolen goods from their shop and was going to report them.

Carla had just found out her husband was having an affair with the babysitter, who Carla also considered a friend.  Meanwhile, Peter was desperate to save his marriage to Carla.

And Rob was also furious when Tina threatened to expose his dodgy dealings at Barlow’s Buys as well as the fact Tina was having an affair with his sister’s husband.

Who killed Tina McIntyre?

Rob Donovan was revealed as the killer when he went to visit Tina in her flat that night.

He wanted to persuade her not to ruin Carla and Peter’s marriage, but when she refused and also told him what she knew about his business antics, Rob saw red.

She ran out onto the balcony of the builder’s yard as they argued and when she went to push him away she fell backwards over the balcony.

Thinking his little problem was sorted, Rob left the flat after staging a burglary. But when he got downstairs he discovered Tina was still alive.

Tina threatened to tell the police Rob pushed her deliberately and he decided to finish the job properly, beating her repeatedly with a metal pipe.

Tina later died in hospital after suffering a heart attack following surgery to reduce swelling on her brain.

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Did Rob go down for killing Tina McIntyre?

Peter Barlow in prison Corrie Credit: ITV/YouTube
Peter was sentenced to life for the murder (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Eventually! Peter Barlow was initially arrested and imprisoned for the murder after Rob framed him.

Peter himself believed Carla had done it and in a bid to protect her and make it up to her, he decided to take the rap.

But Rob couldn’t cope with the guilt and ended up confessing to Carla the night before his wedding to Tracy.

Carla told the police the truth and Rob went on the run. But Tracy turned him in and he was caught and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Carena Crawford
Associate Editor (Soaps)

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