Kerry Wyatt’s return to Emmerdale: love, lies, and legal woes

Kerry has made a return to the village after a year away

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale is a Gobby Geordie known for her outrageous outfits, quick wit and big heart. Not to mention her knack of getting into trouble.

But where has Kerry been for the last year, and what has brought the wily Wyatt back to the village at last?

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale

Back in 2012, troubled teen Amy Wyatt was on a night out in Hotten when she met a man called Chris.

They shared a sneaky snog, but Chris was out with his girlfriend who was less than impressed to find her man locking lips with another woman.

After a bit of scuffle, Amy recognised her love rival as her estranged mum, Kerry. Awks!

Kerry likes to cause trouble (Credit: ITV)

Kerry wanted to make amends with her daughter, so she came to Emmerdale to get to know her. Despite being told to sling her hook by Val Pollard, Kerry stuck around.

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale and Andy Sugden

Kerry soon began a romance with Andy Sugden but she liked him more than he liked her.

Desperate to keep him, she lied that she was pregnant, even going as far as paying a pregnant woman to wee in a cup for her so she could show Andy a ‘genuine’ positive pregnancy test.

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But when Kerry was involved in a hit and run accident, she was forced to come clean.

Kerry and Dan

Kerry and Dan Spencer seemed like a match made in heaven. She was finally behaving herself and was a devoted stepmum to Dan’s daughter, Amelia.

They got engaged and planned to marry but there was a shock in store when Kerry’s husband showed up on their wedding day!

Kev Berry revealed he and Kez were already married and poor Kerry was arrested for bigamy.

Kerry’s dream wedding ended in disaster (Credit: ITV)

That wasn’t the end of her and Dan, though. They stayed together several years until cracks began to show in their relationship.

Dan was upset when Kerry urged him to let Amelia see her biological dad, Daz. And she felt her fella wasn’t supportive enough in her battle to see more of her grandson, Kyle.

So when Dan proposed again in 2019, Kerry said no. Awww.

Did Kerry kill Frank in the factory fire?

With her relationship over, Kerry seemed to go back to her bad old ways.

Daughter Amy was in trouble, owing money to some people she’d got involved with when she lived in Belfast.

In desperation, Kerry remembered there was charity money in the factory safe.

Credit: ITV
Kerry stole money from the factory (Credit: ITV)

Kerry broke in and took the cash. The next day, she and Amy went back and destroyed the CCTV that would prove their guilt.

But somehow, what they did to the CCTV led to a fire. Tracy  – who was meeting Billy – ended up trapped in the factory storeroom.

Her dad, Frank, who’d gone to find the engagement ring he’d bought for girlfriend Megan, rescued her. But brave Frank was killed when an explosion ripped through the factory.

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale and Tracy
Kerry told Tracy the truth (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Kerry struggled with her guilt and eventually confessed all to Tracy. Not wanting to cause suffering to Amelia, Tracy decided not to report the Wyatt mum and daughter.

Where has Kerry been?

Kerry has returned to Emmerdale after an absence (Credit: ITV)

Kerry’s been off visiting a friend while actress Laura Norton was on maternity leave.

Laura found out she was expecting just as Emmerdale returned to filming after the first lockdown, so chose to stay safe at home. She gave birth to baby Jesse in January.

Kerry has been working as a cleaner in the house where Chloe, the sister of Sarah Sugden’s donor, lives.

She has kept her new employment a secret because Chloe’s dad is very dangerous.

Speaking to ED! and other press, Laura Norton, who plays her, said: “She’s kept her life and her close friends and family a secret because she doesn’t want this dangerous man to know anything about her life just in case.”

She also revealed: “Amy doesn’t know where [Kerry] is and she’s doing that not to be sly, just to protect Amy.”

Laura admitted Kerry’s new boss is “very, very scary” and is involved in some “really, really dark, really, really scary stuff.”

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