Emmerdale David hair like Eminem

Emmerdale fans all making the same joke about David’s hair

Who's the real Slim Shady?

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Emmerdale fans have decided David Metcalfe‘s new hair looks very similar to a certain US rap singer.

In fact, they all made the same joke on Twitter after David appeared in last night’s episode.

Emmerdale David looks confused as he directs Laurel to the cards
David’s hair has definitely got people talking (Credit: ITV)

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When did David change his hair in Emmerdale?

David was away from the village for a number of months, supposedly in Portugal recovering after survival week.

He returned with girlfriend Victoria at the end of January and was sporting a new hair style.

Gone were the long locks, and he’d replaced it with a shaven-headed bleached blond cut.

In fact, his real-life wife, Charley Webb along with their sons, had given him the new look while he was taking time out from the soap following an alleged race row.

But viewers are still not used to seeing it on screen.

Eminem Slim Shady video
Will the real David Metcalfe please stand up? (Credit: ITV)

What did fans say about David’s hair in Emmerdale?

Last night (Tuesday, February 8) David appeared on screen very briefly in a scene with Bernice and Gabby in the shop.

But it was long enough for fans to joke he bears a striking resemblance to US rapper Eminem.

Everyone started asking who the Real Slim Shady was, in reference to the famous song.

“My name is.. What?.. My name is.. Who?.. My name is… David Metcalfe,” wrote one on Twitter.

Another added: “Who the [bleep] does David think he actually is? The real slim shady!”

Victoria and David returned last week (Credit: ITV)
Victoria and David returned after some months away (Credit: ITV)

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When did David return to Emmerdale?

After disappearing from screens in November, David and Victoria finally came back at the end of last month.

They revealed they had been away for so long because David’s son Theo had an ear infection and wasn’t allowed to fly.

The couple announced they were moving in together in a bid to be a proper family.

They were absent from the soap for three months following allegations of a race row on set.

Although Emmerdale insisted Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins, who play David and Victoria, were not suspended, they were written out abruptly in the midst of a huge storyline in which Meena tried to kill Vic.

The pair made a quiet return to the village without much fanfare on Friday, January 28.

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