Mack lying unconscious on the floor in Emmerdale; inset, Charity looking shocked (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

‘Should have twisted the knife’ joke Emmerdale fans as Charity stabs Mack

Love rat Mack finally gets a comeuppance of sorts

Fans of Emmerdale have had an unexpected reaction to last night’s events on the soap – in which a traumatised Charity lashed out and accidentally stabbed Mack.

This comes in the wake of last Christmas’s events, in which she shot and killed gangster Harry in a struggle for Mack’s life.

Following Harry’s death, Charity has been struggling with PTSD, and plagued with nightmares and visions of Harry.

Mack lying unconscious on the floor in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/YouTube)
Charity lashed out and accidentally stabbed Mack (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Charity stabs Mack during PTSD episode

Charity’s trauma came to a head during last night’s episode, wherein a confused Charity stabbed Mack in the gut after waking from a nightmare – to a vision of Harry looming over her.

As Mack collapsed to the floor, bleeding and unconscious, his life hung in the balance.

Will Mack pull through? As it happens, many are hoping not.

Charity looks shocked as she talks to Mack on Emmerdale
Fans are standing by Charity (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans cheer on Charity as Mack is left fighting for his life

Following last night’s episode, a number of fans took to X to share their thoughts. And many found themselves unsympathetic – at best – for love rat Mack’s plight.

“Aw Charity you aimed low and there was no twisting of the knife (which was way too small). But still, maybe Heath will strum a tune in his heavenly white robe to welcome Mack to the afterlife,” joked one hopeful fan.

“Absolutely disappointed. Wanted Mack to be killed off, can’t stand him and never will like him. Want Charity back with Vanessa. NOBODY WANTS MCTRASH!” commented a third.

“That’s Mack the knifed,” another viewer laughed, referencing the famous song of the same name by Bobby Darin.

“Mack the knife. I feel a song coming on,” riffed a fifth.

Will Mack pull through after Charity’s accidental attack? And more to the point, do you even want him to?

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