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Emmerdale’s Kim and Harriet face peril in storm while Amelia goes missing

Could this be the end for Kim?

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Emmerdale characters Kim and Harriet are both in danger after getting caught up in the storm.

The two went out into the dangerous weather to look for missing Amelia.

But both women ended up getting caught up in a terrifying situation.

Will Kim die? Or is it the end for Harriet?

Emmerdale promo picture, Will in wedding suit, Kim in a red cloak and top hat and Harriet in a stripy jumper, all looking serious
Harriet is still in love with Will (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kim and Harriet’s feud

Will Taylor got engaged to Kim Tate last year.

Although Harriet appeared happy for her ex-fiancé, over recent weeks she confessed that she was still in love with Will.

Last week at Will’s hen do, he drunkenly confessed to Harriet that he still loved her.

However when he was sober, he told her it was a mistake.

When Harriet decided to not attend Kim and Will’s wedding, Will tried to convince her to come.

Harriet begged Will not to go through with the wedding, but it was clear he made up his mind and would be marrying Kim.

After Harriet kissed Will, he realised that Kim had heard everything.

Harriet has tried to win Will back (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Sunday, October 16) Kim and Will prepared for their wedding.

Kim and Will spoke about what happened and he told Kim that he did love her and wanted to marry her.

Before the ceremony, Kim confronted Harriet and the two had it out.

Harriet struggled to accept that Will was marrying Kim and ended up grabbing her face.

When Kim told Harriet that was she had with Will was real and nothing she could do would change that, Harriet broke down in tears.

Meanwhile pregnant 16-year-old Amelia set off into the hills to meet her boyfriend Noah for a picnic.

Will and Kim’s wedding ceremony went ahead as planned.

Harriet became trapped under the quad bike (Credit: ITV)

Kim and Harriet caught up in the storm

But soon a storm started and as word spread that Amelia was missing in the bad weather, Harriet and Kim set out to look for her.

Harriet ended up taking a quad bike, but as she swerved to avoid a falling tree, she ended up falling down a hill.

Soon the quad bike fell down and landed on top of Harriet.

Not long later Kim came by on her horse and tried to free Harriet.

She managed to get her out from under the bike.

Harriet begged Kim not to leave her, but as Kim went to get help, her horse ran off.

A couple of seconds later, lightning hit the quad bike sending Kim flying.

She hit her head on a rock and both her and Harriet appeared unconscious.

Will Kim die? Or could it be the end for Harriet? Or will both women die?

Kim hit her head on a rock, but will she survive? (Credit: ITV)

Will Kim and Harriet die?

Emmerdale are remaining tight-lipped on what happens next.

However Kim actress Claire King has spoke about the fallout and if anything happened to Harriet

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media she said: “Will’s not going to be too happy, because they’ve had this little bit of a ‘I love you’ thing going on. Kim does suspect there’s something going on between Harriet and Will.

“I think Will could possibly blame Kim for whatever happens to Harriet.”

Claire then joked: “But also I’d like to say that I had a lovely time in Spain, so it might be Kim that goes.”

Could it be Kim that dies?

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