Vinny crying and looking sad in Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny in new blow after Liv’s death

Vinny's grief reaches new heights

Latest Emmerdale spoilers for this week reveal a new blow for grieving Vinny following Liv’s death.

Vinny is struggling with his emotions as life without Liv hits hard.

And now, with the funeral gone by, Vinny finds himself confronted with another hurdle.

But what brings about this latest source of heartbreak for Vinny in Emmerdale?

Vinny standing over Liv's coffin crying
After Liv’s funeral, reality bites for Vinny (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny’s loss hits home

This latest development begins as Vinny collects Liv’s ashes.

At home, Vinny sits alone with dog Chip.

As the realisation that Liv isn’t coming back strikes, he feels truly lost and alone.

He breaks down in a fit of grief and sadness.

Will he ever be able to recover from his loss?

Vinny sits with his dog, Chip, looking sad on Emmerdale
Vinny sits at home with only Chip and Liv’s ashes for company (Credit: ITV)

How did Liv die?

Liv was killed by the storm which hit the village on the soap’s 50th anniversary.

She and Harriet were both casualties of the ensuing devastation.

Liv was killed while making her way across the street to the Woolpack.

While she and Vinny struggled against the wind, Vinny dropped his scarf.

As he stopped to recover the scarf, a caravan was torn loose and blown down the street.

Liv pushed Vinny to safety, but they were both caught in its path.

The caravan crushed Liv, trapping her against a wall.

Close up of Liv's face in Emmerdale looking sad
Liv said an emotional goodbye to Vinny (credit: ITV)

What next for Vinny?

As Liv and Vinny said a tearful goodbye, she died in front of him.

Vinny was left heartbroken.

Can Vinny ever recover from his loss?

In an effort to help Vinny with his grief, Paddy and Mandy brought around dog Chip.

Vinny was initially reluctant to look after Chip.

Scenes in last week’s episodes saw Vinny try to ‘lose’ Chip in the woods.

However, Chip made his way home, and back to Vinny.

Could Chip help Vinny through his loss?

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Emmerdale - Vinny Says An Emotional Goodbye To Liv As She Passes Away

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