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Emmerdale spoilers: Gus offers Rhona a deal over baby Ivy after April steps in

Will Gus change his mind?

Our Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that a visit from April prompts Gus to reconsider whether Rhona should be involved in parenting Ivy. But what does Gus have in mind – and will Rhona accept his offer?

This follows recent events, in which Rhona was charged with kidnapping baby Ivy after attempting to flee the country with the infant. As her court case looms, she too comes to a momentous decision.

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Rhona and Marlon talking on Emmerdale
Marlon continues to support Rhona as she stresses about the court case (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona drops a not guilty bombshell on her family

Marlon remains supportive of Rhona ahead of her looming court case. However, it’s clear that the pressure is affecting them both, and April continues to struggle with the situation.

Unable to face branding herself a criminal, Rhona tells Mary and Marlon in the cafe that she intends to plead not guilty of kidnapping.

Rhona talking to Mary and Marlon on Emmerdale
Rhona tells her family that she plans on pleading not guilty to the kidnapping charges (Credit: ITV)

Later, Amelia finds April worrying about what will happen to Rhona. She is concerned for her when April gets on the wrong bus and admits she’s not going to school.

April arrives at Gus’s house and demands to speak to him. Inside, she begs Gus to tell the police that Rhona is innocent. In doing so, she accidentally reveals that Rhona will be pleading not guilty to the charges.

Gus looks angry on Emmerdale
Gus is furious at Rhona’s plans (Credit: ITV)

Chaos ensues as Gus confronts Rhona

Gus drops April back off in the village. He is furious that Rhona has pleaded not guilty.

He gets jumpy when Rhona moves in to see Ivy – and falls to the floor, hurt, after a scuffle with Marlon. When Gus rejects Marlon’s apology, April runs off, upset by all the chaos.

Gus on the floor, injured on Emmerdale
A scuffle breaks out as the families bicker (Credit: ITV)

Gus makes Rhona an offer

Later, Rhona is shocked when Gus offers her a compromise. He suggests that both of them change their statements, and work towards a not guilty verdict.

He suggests that he could give Rhona access to Ivy and cancel the house sale. Putting it all on the line for the sake of the kids, he leaves Rhona with a massive decision to make.

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Rhona Receives Her Verdict | Emmerdale

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