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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as Mack hatches a plan to see Reuben

How far will Mack go to win Reuben back?

Our Emmerdale spoilers for next week can reveal that Mack hatches a plan to see Reuben and Chloe – clashing with Matty and Amy in his desperation. But, as Mack’s determination grows, how far is he prepared to go?

Elsewhere, Pollard struggles to find the support he needs in his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Things go from bad to worse when he approaches Rodney – who has an unexpected reaction.

Meanwhile, Aaron clashes with Chas, Paddy and Charles, and Samson gets a job at the Woolpack. Also, Tom is put out by Nicola’s Christmas plans, and Angelica faces a difficult choice.

Read all of these Emmerdale spoilers and more in full below.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Mack burns his bridges in his desperation to see Reuben

Matty and Mack looking solemn on Emmerdale

With Chloe and Reuben still nowhere to be found, Matty hides the truth about their whereabouts from Mack. Moira wants a big family Christmas, and tries to pressure Matty into bringing Amy.

However, Mack isn’t keen on sitting around a Christmas dinner table with Amy while worried about Reuben.

Matty and Mack look awkward on Emmerdale

Later, a heated argument ensues between Matty and Amy. Under pressure, Matty tells Mack that he and Amy are visiting Chloe and Reuben tomorrow.

Mack rushes round to see Charity, determined to get his son back. Mack and Charity secretly follow Amy’s car as it leaves the village.

Mack argues with Amy while Matty looks on in Emmerdale

But when they get stuck at some traffic lights, Amy is furious to see Mack and Charity following them. As they argue, Mack snatches her phone – planning to lure Chloe to a meet-up by pretending to be her sister.

Chloe is excited as she readies to meet ‘Amy’ in a nearby park. But Mack’s carelessness leads Chloe to realise that she’s walking into a trap.

Mack and Amy argue on Emmerdale

Sending a reply telling Mack that he’ll never see his son again, Mack’s despair turns to fury. Later, Amy slams him for isolating Chloe even further.

As things grow heated between the family, a sarcastic comment from Mack prompts Matty to punch him. Amy tells him that she hopes he never sees Reuben again.

Amy looking angry on Emmerdale

Later, after Amy blames him for leaving Chloe isolated, alone and on the run, Matty skulks away.

Afterwards, at the HOP, Amy is shocked when a hooded figure grabs her… But who are they, and what do they want?

2. Pollard struggles with his Parkinson’s diagnosis

Pollard looking upset on Emmerdale

Struggling to get the support he needs, Pollard finds himself unable to face the Support Group meeting.

Pollard looks sad in his car on Emmerdale

Pollard is taken by surprise when he experiences an unexpected tremor. Manpreet encourages him to talk to Rodney about his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Rodney looks awkward as he talks to Pollard on Emmerdale

But when he does, Pollard is left confused by Rodney’s off-hand, dismissive reaction.

3. Nicola and Claudette join forces

Nicola talks to Claudette and Charles on Emmerdale

Charles convinces Nicola and Claudette to co-organise the Christmas Fair together. But clipboard-wielding Claudette is no match for Nicola at her most fired-up. Meanwhile, Liam notices that Bear has a crush on Claudette.

4. Chas schemes as Samson starts work

Sam and Samson at home on Emmerdale

Charity offers Samson a job as pot-man at the Woolpack.

Sam and Samson by the Christmas tree on Emmerdale

Proud of Samson for landing a new job, Sam and Samson start to look forward to Christmas.

Samson and Chas at the Woolpack on Emmerdale

Meanwhile, gleeful Chas looks forward to bossing Samson around on his first day at work.

5. Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria turns to Aaron

Aaron talks to Victoria on Emmerdale

Victoria opens up to Aaron about her relationship with Jacob. Aaron is supportive as she explains how things are going.

6. The bond deepens between Tracy and Caleb

Tracy and Caleb laughing in a car on Emmerdale

As their bond deepens, Tracy and Caleb begin to see themselves as kindred spirits.

7. Nicola’s Christmas comes between Tom and Belle

Tom and Belle looking awkward on Emmerdale

Belle feels excited when Tom tells her that he has a secret plan to make her Christmas a special one.

Tom glares at Belle on Emmerdale

However, he is left beating himself up when his plans clash with Nicola and her surprise guests for the Christmas Fair.

8. Aaron’s behaviour leaves the vicar shocked

Aaron talking to Paddy and Chas on Emmerdale

Aaron is upset to see Paddy agreeing to share Eve’s Christmas with Chas.

Paddy and Chas talk while Aaron glares in the background on Emmerdale

However, Paddy defends Chas – and tells her that he and Eve will always love her, no matter what Aaron thinks. Chas is grateful for Paddy’s kind words.

Charles looks shocked on Emmerdale

Meanwhile, Charles is taken aback by Aaron’s callous attitude towards his mother.

9. Emmerdale spoilers: Angelica is holding the baby

Angelica looking at the baby on Emmerdale

Needing money to go and visit Dan in prison, Amelia takes on an extra shift at the Salon. Feeling desperate, she approaches Angelica to look after Esther.

Angelica talks to Amelia on Emmerdale

But when Heath turns up wanting to hang out, Angelica has a choice to make…

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