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Emmerdale spoilers: Mack’s choice leads to Chloe’s tragic fate in Super Soap Week

Images reveal horror smash

Wow, you soap viewers are a smart bunch – this weekend we ran an Emmerdale fan theory on Mack, Charity and Chloe.

And then, brand new spoilers – complete with pictures – appear to come pretty damn close!

However, despite being good at predicting future storylines, it seems fans aren’t overly happy they’re right about this one!

Emmerdale has focused heavily on the Chloe, Mack and Charity love triangle (Credit: ITV)

The theory – shared on Reddit – speculated that Mack would find himself in a life-and-death stunt where he is forced to choose between saving the life of either Chloe or Charity.

Chloe ends up dying and Mack tries to win back Charity, who by this point has fallen for Dr Liam.

Well, it seems Chloe actually is going to end up either dying, or left in a terrible state – after a dramatic clifftop car crash as Mack and Charity watch on in horror.

Emmerdale’s Super Soap Week

The scenes are set to air during October’s legendary Super Soap Week.

The Sun has obtained behind the scenes pictures of Lawrence Robb, Emma Atkins and Jessie Elland shooting the shocking moments.

“These are certainly all-action scenes,” a source told the tabloid. “Charity is hellbent on getting revenge on Mackenzie after he chose to stay with Chloe.

“But viewers will have to wait to see who survives.”

Will Chloe manage to survive the crash in Emmerdale this October? (Credit: ITV)

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And here’s where we come back to that Emmerdale fan theory… Chloe WILL die. Mack will be left holding the baby and begs Charity to come back to him and help him raise Reuben.

But Charity has actually fallen in love with Liam, setting the scene for a brand new and almightily messy love triangle.

How much of this will actually happen remains to be seen till October or when more Emmerdale spoilers are released. Bring it on!

Will Charity and Mack reunite once more? (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

Whether Chloe lives to tell the tale or not, viewers aren’t pleased with the storyline. They expressed their views over it on social media.

“Couldn’t believe this when I saw the spoiler photos from them filming this,” wrote one. “That can’t be it!? If that’s all that’s happened it’s been ruined two months before it’s aired… there has to be a twist to it. And Chloe seemingly DIES!? What?!”

Someone else raged: “Absolute[pooh] can’t believe they kill off Chloe and we have to suffer Mack [Bleep]. Was [praying] that he would get killed off. [He’s] caused so much pain and now death to whoever comes into their orbit. Vile toxic ‘couple’. Hudson is truly atrocious.”

Another simply said: “I don’t want Chloe to die in October.”

“Doesn’t look good for Chloe. Yet another total predictable storyline and why? All so Charity and Mac can reunite yet again, maybe raising Reuben together… So cruel,” said one more.

A final commenter wrote: “Chloe dying is literally gonna be some plot device for Charity to raise Reuben as her own and I hate it for both characters.”

Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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