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Emmerdale: Rhona to kidnap baby Ivy, fan theory predicts

Rhona has started to form a connection with Ivy

Last night in Emmerdale (Monday, November 20), Rhona went to the hospital wanting to visit baby Ivy without Gus’ permission.

However, Gus soon caught her and told her to leave, furious that she had turned up to see his daughter.

A new Emmerdale fan theory now suggests that Rhona could take the baby away from Gus.

Gus told Rhona to leave (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Rhona is getting close to Ivy

Ever since she found out about Lucy’s pregnancy, Rhona viewed the baby as hers.

When Lucy sadly passed away after childbirth, Rhona started worrying for the baby.

Mary and Marlon then had to tell her that the baby was Gus’ and not hers, despite her embryos being used.

Last night, Rhona couldn’t help but head to the hospital to see baby Ivy – not informing Gus of what she was doing.

However, Gus soon caught Rhona at the hospital and told her to leave and get away from his daughter.

Rhona apologised, explaining that she’d only wanted to check up on her and see how she was doing.

Could Rhona soon turn desperate? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Rhona to baby snatch Ivy?

After seeing Rhona struggle to stay away from Ivy despite Gus telling her to stop interfering, a new Emmerdale fan theory has predicted a dark outcome.

The theory suggests that Rhona could soon try to kidnap baby Ivy as she continues to view the baby as her own.

The theory on X reads: “Rhona is so unhinged she could attempt a baby snatch.”

But, could this actually happen? Is this where the storyline is heading with Rhona and Ivy?

Rhona wants to get to know Ivy (Credit: ITV)

Will Gus let Rhona be a part of Ivy’s life?

Now that Lucy is sadly gone, Gus is grieving the loss of his wife whilst adjusting to his new life as a single parent.

Rhona is desperate to be involved in Ivy’s life. But, will Gus let her be a part of it?

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Emmerdale - Gus Confronts Rhona At The Hospital (20th November 2023)

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