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Emmerdale: Reece Dinsdale addresses Paul’s mistreatment of son Vinny

Vinny has been hiding the fact Paul is gambling again

Emmerdale star Recce Dinsdale has addressed his character Paul’s mistreatment of his son Vinny.

A few weeks ago, Paul discovered his dad has been gambling again. However things took a dark turn when Vinny discovered Paul had taken Ellis Chapman’s watch and money from the Dingles.

As Vinny tried to get his dad to seek he needed help, Paul turned violent and beat his son up at the scrapyard.

Paul beat up Vinny (Credit: ITV)

Afterwards, he begged Vinny to keep quiet about the stealing, gambling and the attack. And with Vinny wanting to give his dad another chance, he’s kept it all a secret from his mum, Paul’s girlfriend, Mandy.

Emmerdale: What did Reece Dinsdale say about how Paul has been treating Vinny?

But Reece has now addressed Paul’s recent mistreatment of Vinny, acknowledging that his abuse is mental as well as physical.

As reported in Digital Spy, he said: “The scary thing there is how Paul can’t stop. If you genuinely loved your son, that’s the last thing you would do – but he still does it. He plays with Vinny’s mind, manipulates him and makes him feel guilty all the time. That’s the terrible thing.

Paul has been manipulating Vinny (Credit: ITV)

“Paul turns it round all the time to Vinny and says Vinny is the reason he’s doing this. It’s the most appalling thing you could do to a child and he does it to his own son.”

Emmerdale: What’s next for Vinny and Paul?

In next week’s scenes Vinny is uneasy when Mandy tells him she wants them to have their own place, just her, Vinny and Paul.

Mandy tells her son she has the money for a deposit but she wants to keep it secret from Paul for the time being.

He plays with Vinny’s mind, manipulates him.

Mandy and Vinny are proud of Paul when he later tells them he resisted the urge to gamble and called his mentor instead.

Mandy tells Vinny she wants them to have their own place with Paul (Credit: ITV)

But when he learns about Mandy’s plans to get their own pace, he’s hurt he’s been left out of the loop.

He offers to deposit the money but neither Mandy nor Vinny think it’s a good idea.

Paul is angry and hurt they don’t trust him and pockets the money. He later finds himself at the bookies. Will he end up gambling away all of Mandy’s money?

Paul is angry and hurt Mandy and Vinny don’t trust him (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Mandy is excited after receiving a call from an estate agent saying they got the house. But what does this mean for Paul?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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