Emmerdale Laura Norton as Kerry Wyatt

Emmerdale’s Laura Norton expecting second child, balances soap role and motherhood

The Kerry Wyatt actress welcomed her first child last year

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Emmerdale star Laura Norton has been in the soap since 2012 as wayward mum Kerry Wyatt.

Once a tearaway liability, Kerry has straightened up her act and become a (semi) responsible mum.

But off-screen, actress Laura’s life is much more settled.

She returned to Emmerdale last year after taking time off to have her first child.

And now she’s expecting baby number two!

Here’s everything we know about Emmerdale star Laura Norton.

Emmerdale Kerry and Al shamelessly flirt
Laura plays Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Who does Laura Norton play in Emmerdale?

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale is a Gobby Geordie known for her outrageous outfits, quick wit and big heart. Not to mention her knack of getting into trouble.

Back in 2012, troubled teen Amy Wyatt was on a night out in Hotten when she met a man called Chris, who turned out to be the boyfriend of her estranged mum, Kerry. Awks!

Kerry came to the Dales to make amends and began a romance with Andy Sugden but she liked him more than he liked her.

Next, Kerry and Dan Spencer seemed like a match made in heaven. She was finally behaving herself and was a devoted stepmum to Dan’s daughter, Amelia.

However, cracks began to show in their relationship and they ended things in 2019.

Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale and Tracy
Kerry told Tracy the truth (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Did Kerry kill Frank in the factory fire?

With her relationship over, Kerry seemed to go back to her bad old ways.

Daughter Amy was in trouble, owing money to some people she’d got involved with when she lived in Belfast.

In desperation, Kerry remembered there was charity money in the factory safe.

Kerry broke in and took the cash. The next day, she and Amy went back and destroyed the CCTV that would prove their guilt.

But somehow, what they did to the CCTV led to a fire. Tracy  – who was meeting Billy – ended up trapped in the factory storeroom.

Her dad, Frank, who’d gone to find the engagement ring he’d bought for girlfriend Megan, rescued her. But brave Frank was killed when an explosion ripped through the factory.

Kerry has returned to Emmerdale after an absence (Credit: ITV)

Why did Laura Norton leave Emmerdale?

In Jun 2020 Kerry stopped appearing on-screen.

Her absence was explained as Kerry heading off to visit a friend.

However in reality actress Laura Norton was on maternity leave.

Laura found out she was expecting just as Emmerdale returned to filming after the first lockdown, so chose to stay safe at home. She gave birth to baby Jesse in January 2021.

Kerry returned to screens in October 2021 and it was revealed she had been working as a cleaner in the house where Chloe, the sister of Sarah Sugden’s donor, lived.

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Is Laura Norton pregnant?

Laura and fiancé Mark Jordon announced they were expecting their second child earlier this year.

The actress revealed her happy news in a loving Instagram snap with Mark.

She captioned the image of the couple sitting next to each other and gazing into each other’s eyes: “Round 2”. Her bump was clearly visible in her tight red dress.

Emmerdale co-stars, including Lisa Riley sent their congratulations.

“Yipeeeeeeeee! At last we can say something. So much love to you both, we are elated for you both,” she wrote.

Gemma Atkinson wrote: “Ahhhh Laura!! Congratulations to you all, so wonderful!”

On-screen daughter Natalie Ann Jamieson said: “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!”

“Huge congratulations guys,” added Ash Palmisciano, who plays Matty Barton.

Ex-Emmerdale star Sammy Winward, who played Katie Sugden, added: “The best humans.”

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When will Kerry leave Emmerdale?

Laura has not revealed when her second baby is due.

However, it is believed she will go on maternity leave later this year.

That means Kerry will be off screens again fairly soon.

Kerry is currently in a relationship with Al Chapman, who is cheating on her with Chas Dingle.

Next week sees unsuspecting Kerry go all-in on her partnership by proposing to Al in the form of a rap.

Al accepts, but behind the scenes is fully committing to a future with Chas.

It’s all going to end in tears when Kerry inevitably finds out.

And with Kerry having form for killing, after she was to blame for Frank Clayton’s death, could she off her lover when she finds out the truth?

Will a stint in prison for murder be Laura’s ticket out of the village for her next maternity leave?

Emmerdale Kerry and Al
Kerry’s proposal is cringe! (Credit: ITV)

How old is Emmerdale star Laura Norton?

Laura is 39 years old.

She was born on June 19, 1983.

Mark Jordon and Laura Norton on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards
Mark Jordon is Laura’s former co-star and real-life partner (Credit: ITV)

Is Laura Norton married to Mark Jordon?

Laura met her partner Mark Jordon when he joined Emmerdale as Daz Spencer in 2014.

He was married to actress Siobhan Finneran and they have two children together – Poppy and Joseph.

But they separated shortly after his first stint on the show.

Laura has revealed she and Mark became friends first and then it graduated into something more serious.

Speaking on Loose Women in 2020, Laura said: “When we first told each other we liked each other we just went, ‘Shall we just leave it? Shall we just stay as friends? It’s probably best.’

“So, it was months after we actually told each other.”

Mark, 55, added: “We were really good friends. We kept re-examining the question and eventually it was a bit more of a question.”

Laura and Mark got engaged in 2018, but didn’t announce it until seven months later.

Mark revealed the news on Twitter, writing: “Well 2018 had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. Really got to feel the love of true friends.

“Feel blessed by the support of my children and elated to have heard the word “yes” from the most beautiful woman in the world. (sic)”


Mark and Laura’s happy news came less than a month after he pleaded not guilty to attacking a pensioner.

Why was Mark Jordon arrested?

Mark was arrested after being accused of biting and threatening a pensioner at a pub garden.

However, he was ultimately found not guilty of affray, unlawful wounding and assault by beating.

Meanwhile, he is said to have spent thousands to clear his name in court.

Mark went on to speak of his year of hell fighting the accusations, and said he hopes to return to Emmerdale one day.

When a Twitter user said they’d love him to return to the soap, Mark replied: “I would like that too, love the crew who make it, love my friends who act in it. Great gig.”

Meanwhile, on Good Morning Britain, he spoke of how traumatic he’d found his ordeal.

He told Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley: “I might be very boring but I do have a reputation of being a good character and a nice bloke, so to suddenly be labelled something that’s quite villainous and aggressive and all these statements that get made about you, it turns your world upside down.

“There was a lot of time Laura would tell me I was shouting out in my sleep, I had hives – that sounds like a little violin moment – but what I am trying to say is the stress accumulates and it comes out in ways that you don’t know.”

Laura Norton the red carpet at the 2017 British Soap Awards in black jumpsuit
Laura overhauled her lifestyle (Credit: SplashNews.com)

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How did Laura Norton lose weight?

In 2018 Laura revealed she used to drink a shocking four litres of coke a day!

She told The Mirror: “I had been addicted since I was a teenager. At its worst, I used to drink two 2-litre bottles of Coke a day.

“But, when you are addicted, you don’t realise how much you are getting through.

“In the end, it was my dad who pointed it out.”

Laura gave up the fizzy drink and said she felt “lucky to still have a tooth in her head”.

She added: “It was so much caffeine, so much sugar, so bad for your teeth.

“I know now how much sugar is in it. One day I was at home in my pyjamas and I wanted my dad to go to the off-licence to get me some Coke. I think he just thought it had gone too far.”

She also told Lorraine in 2019 how she had lost weight: “I just cut all the rubbish out and exercised,” she said.

“Do you know, in the eight years that I have been [on Emmerdale], I have never once had a pudding.

“I can’t. It’s just a slippery slope,” she admitted.

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