Jai looking angry on Emmerdale; inset, Rishi is dead (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale fans fear relapse for Jai after Rishi’s death

Could tragedy push Jai back into addiction?

Fans of Emmerdale are fearing a relapse into drugs for Jai Sharma following his father’s death on the soap last night. With Jai in recovery from drug addiction, will Rishi’s death push him back into the habit?

Rishi Sharma’s shock death came as son Jai married partner Laurel last night. Jai and Rishi had become estranged after Jai learned that Rishi is not his biological father.

Laurel and Jai getting married on Emmerdale
Jai and Laurel married last night, but there was tragedy in store for the family… (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Rishi dies as Jai and Laurel tie the knot

After weeks of arguing, Rishi realised that he was not welcome at Jai’s wedding and disappeared. However, Jai’s mother, Georgia, talked Jai into softening up on his dad.

Learning that Rishi adopted him to save the family from scandal – and loved him as a son – Jai gave a heartfelt speech to family and friends about his dad. But where was Rishi?

Unbeknownst to Jai and the village residents, Rishi had died at home alone. As the episode ended, it was revealed that Rishi was lying dead at the foot of the stairs.

Rishi dead on Emmerdale
Could Rishi’s death push Jai back over the edge? (Credit: ITV)

But how will Jai react to his father’s death?

Some soap fans are worried that Rishi’s death will push Jai into relapsing into his drug habit. Writing on Twitter, the concerned fans shared their theories as the credits rolled.

“I am predicting that Jai’s drug demons will return as soon as he finds his adoptive dad dead at home,” one fan wrote.

“Watch Jai go back to drugs if Rishi dies… such a typical story. Victor will have some play in it, when he overheard Rishi talking yesterday about Jai’s old habit he looked intrigued!” predicted another.

“Now we have to put up with immature Jai regretting how he treated Rishi. Depression, then return to drugs,” said another.

“So gutted that Rishi went out like this. I honestly hope that this doesn’t push Jai to relapse,” said a fourth fan.

Jai to relapse following Rishi’s death?

Jai struggled with drug addiction for many months, using cocaine to cope with the pressures of work. He managed to get clean and has remained so since, but will this tragedy push a heartbroken Jai back into his drug habit?

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Emmerdale - Goodbye Rishi

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