Emmerdale: David catching Jacob and Victoria kissing was unrealistic declare fans

David saw his ex kissing his son

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Last night in Emmerdale (Monday, November 27), Jacob lied to David that he was seeing Gabby but the truth finally came out later on.

David returned home and looked through the window to find Jacob and Victoria kissing each other.

Now, Emmerdale fans have spotted a huge flaw with the scenes as David looked on in disbelief.

David crying on Emmerdale
David caught them kissing (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: David saw Jacob and Vic together

In the latest episode of Emmerdale, Jacob and Vic met up with each other and started to get intimate.

However, they were soon thrown into panic when David returned home and wanted to know who Jacob had hiding upstairs.

Jacob lied that it was Gabby but she didn’t want anybody to know as they were only seeing each other casually.

With David leaving the house, Vic then came back downstairs and worried when she couldn’t find her bracelet.

Later on, Jacob found it and handed it back to her. He then started kissing Vic in window view.

The pair were both unaware that David had returned home after learning that Jacob had lied to him about seeing Gabby.

He’d spoken to her and realised that something was up. It was only when he saw Jacob and Vic kissing through the window that he pieced everything together.

In a state of shock, David then shouted over to the Woolpack and told Leyla that Jacob was on his way for their meal together.

Fans have spotted an obvious flaw (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans spot flaw in unrealistic David window scenes

Emmerdale fans have now spotted a huge flaw in the scenes that saw David rumble Jacob and Vic.

They’re noting that Jacob and Vic would’ve heard David shouting back to Leyla. No windows in the village are THAT sound proof.

One fan wrote: “David standing RIGHT outside the window shouting to Leyla at the pub & Jacob & Victoria didn’t hear him!!”

Another fan joked: “And they didn’t hear him shouting just outside the window. Folk usually hear whispers in this village.”

A third viewer wondered: “How did they not hear David shouting right outside the window? Did they have their tongues in their ears?”

A final fan added: “They must have amazing sound proofing on those windows if they can’t hear David shouting.”

David looking upset on Emmerdale
David is set to leave the village (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: What will David do with the truth?

Now that he knows the truth about Jacob and Vic, it won’t be long before David leaves the village as Matthew Wolfenden leave his soap role.

On Thursday (November 30), David will make the decision to leave the village and will drive away from his loved ones. But, will he return in the future?

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David Sees Jacob And Victoria Kissing | Emmerdale

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