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Emmerdale: Before Chas and Al’s fling, the 4 most explosive affair reveals on the soap

There's nothing like a secret being exposed in Emmerdale

Emmerdale has a long history of big affairs in the village.

It may well be the infidelity capital of the nation – and the reveals are usually explosive – literally in some cases.

Here are the biggest from the soap…

(91) Ross and Debbie 4/8/2015 (4) WEDDING EPISODE

Debbie and Ross

A lovely wedding was had between Debbie Dingle and Pete Barton – until they got to their first dance.

Only instead of their song, a clip of Debbie talking to Pete’s brother Ross about their passionate affair played.

Slightly put the dampener on the festivities – but hey, that’s Emmerdale for you!

But it didn’t last long as seconds later a helicopter crashed into the village and put their little infidelity into perspective.

Nate is a chip off the old block (Credit: ITV)
Nate is a chip off the old block (Credit: ITV)

Moira and Nate

It was always going to be explosive when Cain Dingle discovered the truth about who Nate Robinson was – and who he was sleeping with.

But it was quite literally explosive when Nate dropped the bombshell that he was sleeping with Moira on Cain – and he blew his boat up in return.

The big explosion came after all that when Cain exposed Moira’s affair to the entire pub.

Emmerdale - Zak And Joanie's Affair Is Exposed

Zak and Joanie

Lisa Dingle deserved better than Zak – and she deserved better than that Christmas lunch when his affair was exposed.

Leave it to their daughter Belle to have to ruin her own birthday/Christmas extravaganza with news of her dad’s sordid affair.

Fortunately Joanie died shortly after which saved Lisa a job of killing her.

Emmerdale Robert and Aaron smile at each other while sitting on a car bonnet
Robert and Aaron ended up being one of the soap’s most beloved couples (Credit: ITV)

Aaron and Robert

Nothing quite screams drama as a millionaire heiress exposing her husband’s affair with a man in the village pub.

Especially after said husband kidnapped the said man’s surrogate father at gunpoint. And killed his ex. It’s all very seedy.

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And that’s exactly what Robron was when you get down to it. Seedy and a little bit sordid.

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