Whitney looks upset on EastEnders; inset, Zack looks pensive (Credit: BBC/Composite: Entertainment Daily)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Fresh heartache for Whitney following Zack’s huge gesture

The grieving parents say goodbye to baby Peach

EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that, as Zack and Whitney say goodbye to baby Peach, he makes a massive gesture.

As emotions reach their peak between the pair, Whitney’s heart breaks afresh.

But what is the reason for Whitney’s pain?

In other EastEnders spoilers tonight, Emma comes between Lexi and Lola on Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, Rocky worries that Kathy and the Slaters might figure out that something is afoot between him and Freddie.

Elsewhere, Ravi continues his pursuit of Chelsea.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight in full below.

Zack tries to talk to an upset-looking Whitney on the sofa on EastEnders
Zack has a proposition for heartbroken Whitney (Credit: BBC)

Zack and Whitney prepare to say goodbye to Peach

Martin and Sharon give Zack advice on how to stay strong for Whitney as she continues to struggle physically and emotionally.

Inspiration strikes when Martin tells him how Kush and Shabnam planted a tree in honour of their own late son, Zaair.

Later, he tells Whitney what he has planned.

However, he is crestfallen when she refuses to attend.

But, after a pep talk from Chelsea, Whitney eventually changes her mind.

Whitney sitting on the stairs at home, looking upset on EastEnders
Whitney decides to attend the ceremony… but there’s more heartache in store (Credit: BBC)

Zack is overjoyed to see Whitney as she arrives at the ceremony.

Afterwards, they hold back to grieve alone.

Filled with emotion, Whitney kisses Zack – but he pulls away.

Whitney is left devastated.

Meanwhile, Zack struggles to tell her about his HIV diagnosis.

Will he ever be able to confess the truth?

Lola, Lexi and Emma mid-conversation on EastEnders
Lexi is frustrated with Emma’s interference (Credit: BBC)

Emma comes between Lola, Lexi and their Mother’s Day plans

Lexi is planning to spend Mother’s Day with mum Lola.

However, her plans are scuppered when Emma arrives and, uninvited, tags along.

Lexi is frustrated at Emma’s interference as she butts in at every turn.

Soon, she loses her temper at Emma.

Realising that she’s overstepped the mark, Emma is mortified.

She apologises, and offers to leave.

But Lola tells her to go back to the flat while she talks to Lexi.

Back home, Lola hopes for a quiet family evening.

But it all falls apart when Emma suddenly bolts, made uncomfortable by questions about her past.

Freddie and Jean share a meal in the Vic while Rocky looks on in EastEnders
Will Freddie’s sudden generosity lead his family to realise that something is afoot? (Credit: BBC)

Freddie treats Jean to a slap-up meal

Jean is thrilled when Freddie takes her out for a special Mother’s Day lunch at the pub.

But, arriving at The Vic, Rocky is uncomfortable at seeing Freddie flashing the cash.

Sitting with Kathy, Bobby and Ben, he’s desperate to keep the source of Freddie’s – and his own – money quiet.

Will Kathy and the Slaters work out Freddie and Rocky’s secret?

Denise and Chelsea talk in the Cafe. while Ravi looks on in EastEnders
Ravi is determined to find out what Jack knows (Credit: BBC)

Ravi continues his pursuit of Chelsea

Determined to put pressure on Denise, Ravi continues flirting with Chelsea.

However, she rejects his offer of a drink.

Can Ravi win her round and get into Jack’s files?

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