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EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – September 27 – October 1

Is Whitney in danger?

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal The Vic has a new barmaid.

Meanwhile Gray fights to keep Whitney in Walford and Keegan makes a decision about his marriage.

All this and more in next week’s episode of EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Next week

1. EastEnders spoilers: Janine gets back behind the bar

Scarlett is alarmed to find Zack in the living room having spent the night with Janine, leaving Kat furious.

Janine talks to Billy – she needs to sort her life out to get Scarlett back.

Meanwhile Shirley tries to contact Tina and Nancy and Frankie argue.

Later Frankie is struggling to handle the pub crowd and Janine notices an opportunity.

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She helps Frankie out and Frankie agrees to give her a trial shift.

Sharon is shocked to see her there but Janine loves being back behind the bar.

Later Janine tells Scarlett about her new job. Is Janine turning her life around?

2. Harvey tries to push Dana and Bobby apart

Harvey tries to convince Dana to break things off with Bobby, but she won’t listen.

Bobby gives Dana a gift and tells her that he loves her.

Later Harvey confronts Dana for deferring university and tries to get Bobby to convince her to go.

Bobby reluctantly agrees but it backfires horribly.

3. Whitney gives Gray a chance

Whitney appeals to Jen but is told she had her chance.

She’s upset she blew it and bumps into Gray who asks her for dinner but Whitney says no.

Posing as Whitney’s manager, Gray tries to get Jen to put Whitney on the line up for her showcase.

Later Whitney tells Gray that Jen changed her mind and soon agrees to give things with Gray a go, but take things slow.

4. Whitney in danger?

Gray supports Whitney at rehearsals. But when Chelsea appears working behind the bar, things are awkward.

After rehearsals, Jen offers Whitney an opportunity on a cruise ship, leaving Gray worried he’ll lose her.

He tries to talk Whitney out of it, but when it doesn’t work he takes matters into his own hands.

5. EastEnders spoilers: Keegan makes a decision

Whitney is anxious as she waits to hear about the cruise gig but Chelsea and Rocky try to reassure her.

Meanwhile Tiff tells Keegan she and Vinny pretended to be together for a wind up.

Later Tiff and Keegan agree to be friends. But she’s furious when she gets a letter that he’s frozen their joint account.

Feeling foolish, she grabs a drink with Whitney and a bottle of champagne arrives at their table.

After getting advice from his parents, Keegan realises he doesn’t want to let his marriage go.

Keegan calls round to see Tiff…

6. Honey confronts Suki

Honey needs someone to take Janet to an important audition. However Billy is busy with work.

Wary that Suki has been giving her a hard time, Honey asks her for time off.

However Suki gives her the could shoulder.

Soon Honey confronts Suki and blasts her for bullying her just because she didn’t reciprocate the kiss.

Suki pretends not to know what she’s talking about. Honey is taken aback.

7. Martin moves in with Sharon and Zack

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Zack bumps into a gloomy Martin and insists he move in with him and Sharon.

Sharon knows a solicitor that can help Martin with the divorce.

In The Vic Martin gets a shock when the lawyer badmouths a client’s idiotic ex-husband.

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