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EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as the truth about Rocky starting the fire is revealed

Rocky's world comes crumbling down

Our EastEnders spoilers for next week can reveal that Rocky’s gambling debts and part in the cafe fire are exposed when nasty Nish reveals the sordid truth to a horrified Kathy. But how will she react?

Elsewhere, guilt-ridden Sharon hides the truth about baby Albie’s paternity while Keanu and Linda clash with Dean.

Meanwhile, Jack and Stacey continue to grow closer, even as he drifts apart from Denise. Will they uncover the truth about Eve’s disappearance when creepy Theo initiates contact?

Read our EastEnders spoilers in full for next week below.

EastEnders spoilers

1. The truth about Rocky is revealed?

Rocky and Nish talk on EastEnders

As the week begins, Rocky feels under pressure as Nish continues to push him for the sale of the café.

Rocky looks desolate as Nish looks down on him on EastEnders

Feeling deflated, Rocky confides in Harvey. Harvey tells him that he should come clean to Kathy about his debts and the fire.

Rocky talks to Harvey on EastEnders

But, just as all looks hopeless, Kathy reveals that she’s open to hearing Nish’s deal. After some debate, Kathy sells the cafe to Nish.

However, spiteful Nish can’t help but imply that Rocky was responsible for the fire.

Rocky looks worried on EastEnders

Shocked, Kathy seeks the truth from Harvey – who confirms her suspicions. Horrified, she confronts Rocky.

Nish at the pub on EastEnders as Kathy shouts at him

Rejecting Ian’s idea of reporting Rocky to the police, Kathy instead confronts Nish. She demands an apology for his exploitation of Rocky.

However, Nish remains steadfast in his position, and unleashes a spiteful attack on nearby Bernie.

Nish argues with Elaine and Bernadette on EastEnders

Fuming at Nish’s treatment of Bernie, Keanu lashes out at Nish. The fight is defused before it can go any further.

Sharon and Keanu talk on EastEnders

Back home, Sharon and Keanu try to put the events of the day behind them. As they prepare for their oncoming stag and hen dos, Sharon is determined to protect her family at all costs.

2. Dean’s daughter arrives in Walford as he feuds with Keanu

Dean and Keanu arguing on EastEnders

With the Taylors already the talk of the town, Dean antagonises Keanu by making derogatory comments about his family. With tensions at an all time high, the pair draw out battle lines against each other in The Vic.

Dean's daughter in The Vic on EastEnders

Later, Dean’s ill daughter Jade returns to the Square. She heads to The Vic, where where she meets and is befriended by Gina.

Dean talks to his daughter on EastEnders

When Dean arrives, Jade heads out to Shabnam’s son, Zaair’s, grave. As she laments her prognosis, dad Dean attempts to comfort her.

Dean and Jade talk on EastEnders

After talking to Gina about absent parents, Jade decides to give her own dad another chance. Later, Gina tells Dean that she believes him over Linda.

3. Linda struggles as Dean makes himself at home for Christmas

Linda looking upset on EastEnders

Already struggling with the arrival of Jade, Linda is further upset to learn that Nancy and Lee aren’t coming home for Christmas – her first without Mick.

Dean at Santa's grotto dressed as Santa on EastEnders

Later, she is incensed to get a photo from Dean – dressed as Santa – with Ollie at the Beale’s Eels new grotto. She storms over there to confront him.

As she lets rip, Keanu tells Jade that her dad is a sexual predator.

Sharon squares up to Dean at Santa's grotto on EastEnders

Jade is disgusted and leaves Walford. Dean heads straight over to The Vic… but what will he do?

4. Sharon struggles to keep her secrets

Sharon looks worried on EastEnders

It’s the day of Sharon and Keanu’s hen and stag dos. As the pair prepare to celebrate their last moments of freedom, Sharon is stressed out over the results of the paternity test.

Sharon worriedly reads a letter on EastEnders

Feeling guilty, she burns a letter from the hospital. However, she later reveals all to Linda.

Afterwards, regretful Sharon worries that Linda will expose the truth. Will Linda keep Sharon’s secret?

Sharon talking to Linda on EastEnders

Later, Sharon bumps into Linda, who promises to keep Sharon’s secret.

Sharon and Kat talking on EastEnders

Next, she sees Kat, with whom she shares a tense conversation outside No.5. Will the pressure be too much for Sharon to bear?

5. Stacey grows closer to Jack

Stacey and Jack talking happily on EastEnders

Stacey and Jack bond as they go Christmas shopping together. She is touched when he buys Christmas presents for her children, after a chat about her financial situation.

Stacey looks worried on EastEnders

Later, Stacey receives a Christmas card from Theo. She worries that Theo may be behind Eve’s disappearance.

Afterwards, Stacey heads to the police station with Suki. The pair are left feeling deflated when the police say there’s nothing they can do.

Jack holds Stacey while she looks upset on EastEnders

In a fit of rage, Stacey calls Theo and leaves a message threatening to hurt him if he’s touched Eve. She’s even more worried when she arrives home to find the door on the latch.

Jack then arrives and reassures her that there’s no-one inside. He tells her that Theo is far away in Scotland. He’s fuming when Stacey reveals that she threatened Theo, but she hits back.

Later, Stacey heads to The Vic to have a drink with Kat. However, she ends up leaving early and apologising to Jack for her outburst.

6. Jack and Denise grow further apart

Jack and Denise talk in tense conversation on EastEnders

Kim tries to help Denise reinvigorate her marriage by gifting her new underwear and an evening away from the kids.

Jack looks sullen on EastEnders

However, things soon go awry when Jack overhears Priya and Denise discussing her affair with Ravi. Can they salvage their marriage?

7. Good news for Sonia and Reiss?

Sonia and Reiss talking on EastEnders

Sonia and Reiss visit the clinic for the next step in their IVF journey.

Sonia and Reiss hug on EastEnders

Later, they are pleased to hear that the egg retrieval process was a success.

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