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EastEnders fans share explosive death theory after it’s revealed fire will rip through soap landmark

A modern EastEnders icon is in peril

Fans of EastEnders have shared an explosive new theory in the wake of the news that a devastating fire will strike a beloved Walford landmark. As BBC bosses revealed plans for the disaster, fans wondered which cast members might be for the chop.

It was revealed yesterday that a devastating fire will consume Kathy’s cafe. This will leave several characters fighting for their lives.

The exact circumstances are unknown, but the scenes have already been shot. They will air on BBC One later this year.

However, with one cast member said to be leaving soon, fans already have their theories as to who could die in the flames. But who is it?

Karen looks shocked on EastEnders
Viewers think Karen could die in the fire (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans share flaming death theory

A number of EastEnders fans have predicted that this spells certain doom for Karen Taylor. Writing on Twitter (now X) after the trailer, a number of fans shared their death theories.

“So given everything we know, Karen gets seriously injured or dies in the fire and in grief, Sharon and Keanu reunite,” said one fan.

“The fire news! This is what we’ve been waiting for, I feel a PROPER stunt! I think Karen will be highly involved considering her exit. I hope she doesn’t die,” another fan theorised. “But most likely she’ll go and save Bernie?!”

“I do think Karen is going to die, as frustrating a character she is, she is genuinely a part of Walford’s fabric so I can’t see her leaving willingly,” wrote another.

“So Karen will die in the fire, I’m also expecting Eve to be trapped alongside Nish/Vinny, but Eve can’t die. The other two meh, but I’m guessing that’s why Suki is running in the trailer, I’m also thinking the firestarter has a link to Kathy and she’ll be in the next trailer,” a fourth wrote.

Could Karen die in the fire?

Karen Taylor is worried in the Vic
Lorraine Stanley is to leave EastEnders after six years (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders announces exit for Karen

Last month, EastEnders bosses confirmed that Karen Taylor would be leaving the soap. Star Lorraine Stanley joined the soap in 2017, the mother of six children.

She’s lost one child when Chantelle was murdered by her husband, Gray, but will tragedy strike again as Karen leaves Walford?

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