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EastEnders fans question: ‘Where’s Libby?’ as mum Denise is sectioned

Has anyone bothered to let Libby know?

Fans of EastEnders have been left wondering where the daughter of Denise Fox has been following the events of this week’s episodes.

As her mental health worsened, troubled Denise began experiencing visisons of murder victim Keanu Taylor – currently buried beneath the cafe, along with her necklace.

At the same time, Johnny Carter has been applying pressure on Denise and The Six after learning of their involvement in mum Linda’s crime.

Denise looking worried on EastEnders
Denise has been struggling after Keanu’s death (Credit: BBC)

Denise sectioned following mental breakdown

Denise’s breakdown climaxed as she fled Walford with Amy – running off alone into the woods, where she was found, terrified and confused, by husband Jack.

Upon her return to the Square, worried mental health workers hospitalised Denise.

These events had fans asking the same question – where is daughter Libby?

Libby is Denise’s daughter (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

‘Where’s Libby?’ ask EastEnders fans

As the episode concluded, fans took to X to share their thoughts on Denise’s fate. And many had the same question on their lips. Where on Earth is Denise’s daughter – and Chelsea’s sister – Libby?

“The fact that no-one has alerted Libby in Oxford,” joked one fan.

“I hope Libby is told about Denise. Also, where is Patrick?” wondered another.

“WHY WON’T ANYONE CALL LIBBY?” beseeched a third.

“I think Chelsea will contact Libby and Kim next week,” another fan suggested.

But where is Libby… and why did she leave Walford in the first place?

Will Libby return in her family’s hour of need? (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

What happened to Libby Fox?

The daughter of Denise and Owen Turner, Libby Fox originally appeared on EastEnders between 2006 and 2010. Actress Belinda Owusu played the character during this time – including a storyline in which dad Owen returned to kidnap his teenage daughter.

Although she left the soap in 2010 – moving to Oxford with Darren Miller – the actress has returned in shorter stints between 2014 and 2017.

Will Denise’s current situation prompt another return for Libby?

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