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Jay Brown faces drug hell in EastEnders as grief for Lola deepens

Is Jay about to spiral?

Jay Brown’s currently struggling to cope with grief after the tragic loss of his wife Lola over in EastEnders.

He’s recently befriended a Lola lookalike as he’s desperate to cling onto Lola’s memory.

Now, a new drug hell could be just around the corner for Jay as he sinks deeper into depression following Lola’s death.

Jay on the sofa, scrolling his phone on EastEnders
Jay’s struggling without his wife (Credit: BBC)

Jay’s struggling in the aftermath of Lola’s death

After Lola’s death, Jay’s been really struggling to move forwards and stay strong for Lexi. Watching Lola’s videos, Jay’s grieved the loss of his wife and has started to look for ways to cope with his grief.

Most recently, Jay was struggling to get to sleep and went for a long walk in the middle of the night. He then bumped into Nadine – an escort – who happened to look very similar to Lola.

Jay shared a few drinks with Nadine and went back to her place. No funny business happened though. Instead, Jay simply stayed the night in Nadine’s bed after having one too many.

Jay talking to Nadine on EastEnders
Will Jay turn to drugs? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Jay in drug hell as his depression worsens?

As Jay’s depression worsens, The Sun has reported that he is set to turn to drugs as a result of his newfound friendship with Nadine.

A source reportedly told the paper: “It’s a controversial storyline, bringing ketamine into millions of homes up and down the country.

“But the important messages here involving the dangers of hard drugs. Dabbling with ketamine proves a serious wake-up call to Jay. Viewers will be on the edge their seats.”

Jay looks set to turn to drugs as he continues to grieve for Lola. But, will anybody realise just how much trouble he’s in? And, will Jay be able to get the support he needs?

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