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Daisy Midgeley’s tough plot in Coronation Street as wedding looms

Daisy is at the centre of a huge storyline

Daisy Midgeley arrived on Coronation Street in 2020 to visit former stepmum Jenny Connor, however she decided to stick around.

She has since become a central character on the show and is currently embroiled in a tough stalking plot.

Daisy has been left helpless as Justin has become obsessed with her.

But as her wedding to Daniel approaches, things look set to take a dark turn for Daisy.

Thankfully, actress Charlotte Jordan, who plays her, has a far happier life off-screen.

Daisy in court on Coronation Street
Daisy has had a difficult time lately (Credit: ITV)

Who is Daisy in Coronation Street?

Daisy Midgeley is the former stepdaughter of Jenny Connor.

Jenny was once married to Daisy’s father, who is known only as Mr Midgeley.

Daisy’s biological mum is Christina, who was never really around for her daughter.

Christina has recently turned up like a whirlwind and revealed her new boyfriend was none other than Daisy’s stalker, Justin!

As mum and daughter try to repair their relationship, it’s clear there’s a long way to go.

Daisy also had a younger half-brother called Tom, who was the son of Jenny and Mr Midgeley.

However Tom died shortly before his fifth birthday. He drowned in a paddling pool.

His death led to Jenny and Mr Midgeley’s marriage breaking down and they eventually divorced.

Daisy revealed her dad has remarried and he and his new wife have had another baby, meaning Daisy has another younger half-sibling.

She currently works in the Rovers with Jenny.

Daniel and Daisy are getting married (Credit: ITV)

Is Daisy in a relationship with Daniel Osbourne?

When Daisy first appeared in Corrie, she was in a relationship with a man named Lee. However Daisy decided to stay at the Rovers with Jenny and soon ended things with Lee.

Daisy soon started to grow closer to Ryan Connor, even though he was in a relationship with Alya Nazir.

Daisy managed to trick Ryan and Alya into thinking he cheated on Alya with her.

Alya ended her relationship with Ryan and Daisy immediately jumped on him!

However she soon set her sights on Daniel Osbourne when she learnt he had been given a house and had money.

Eventually Daisy and Daniel actually started to bond when she told him about the death of her brother.

They were on and off for a while, but are now happily engaged after he proposed at Christmas.

The wedding is just weeks away, but the spectre of Justin is haunting Daisy’s every move.

Justin smiling at Daisy in Coronation Street
Daisy has been left scared by Justin’s behaviour (Credit: ITV)

Who is Justin in Coronation Street?

Last year Daisy had a breast cancer scare and while at the hospital got chatting to Justin. He was there to support his mum who had cancer.

Justin then became obsessed with Daisy.

He sent her flowers, bombarded her with messages and believes they are in a relationship. He is convinced she doesn’t want to marry Daniel but him instead.

Daisy has been left feeling powerless as the police have failed to take her concerns seriously. And when she tried to take out a Stalking Protection Order, the judge ruled against her too.

Things are reportedly going to get even worse when Daisy is involved in an acid attack perpetrated by Justin.

Will she ever get over her ordeal?

Charlotte Jordan poses on the NTA red carpet in sparkling gown
Daisy is played by actress Charlotte Jordan (Credit:

Who plays Daisy Midgeley?

Daisy Midgeley is played by 27-year-old actress Charlotte Jordan.

Before joining Corrie, Charlotte played Gaby Grant in Netflix series Free Rein from 2018-2019.

She also played Serena in Summer in Transylvania from 2010-2011.

In 2016 she appeared in Casualty and in 2007 she had a role in The Bill.

Although Charlotte is credited and known as Charlotte Jordan, during her stint on The Bill she was credited as Charlie Evans.

The actress also had a singing career when she was scouted by Simon Fuller and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell to be a part of a band.

The deal saw them bonding and recording songs, but she revealed the “When they felt like we’d exhausted all options as a group, I was offered a solo deal.

“I did that for another two years and then, as I got older, I realised that acting was what I actually wanted to do and decided to go back to it. Just because you can sing, doesn’t necessarily mean you should be a singer.”

Is Charlotte Jordan married?

Charlotte is happily dating boyfriend Paul. She regularly shares pictures of him on her social media.

The couple have an adorable dog named Olive, who Charlotte joked on Valentine’s Day was her real Valentine!

Although Charlotte has not revealed what Paul does, he has appeared in Corrie before!

When Daisy was flirting with Ryan Connor, Charlotte and actor Ryan Prescott weren’t allowed to touch due to social distancing rules as a result of COVID.

In 2021 Charlotte told The Sun: “They roped my boyfriend in because we’re shooting socially distanced, we can’t touch props, we can’t touch humans, we can’t touch anything.

“And so my boyfriend got the long awaited call he was hoping for for his entire life – Coronation Street wanted him to come to work as Ryan’s thigh double.

“He’s not an actor but he grew up watching Coronation Street, so it was really fun just to see his little face when he looked at all the sets and stuff.

“It was very sweet. It was lovely.”

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