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Coronation Street fans spot clue proving who Stephen Reid murders next

Stephen is set to kill agaim

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Coronation Street fans have spotted a clue proving who Stephen Reid will murder next. The serial killer has already claimed two victims.

Viewers know he first murdered Leo Thompkins to stop him from exposing his financial scam, before later murdering Leo’s dad Teddy. Teddy had discovered that Stephen had done something to make Leo disappear and confronted him.

Stephen Reid has already tried to murder Rufus once in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

In recent weeks, Stephen has been pushed towards the edge. He had been successfully spiking Carla Connor with LSD to push her out of Underworld. But having taken over the business from her, his secret was discovered by businessman Rufus. Rufus quickly set about blackmailing Stephen, putting more financial pressure on him.

The killer has been forced to tank a lucrative Underworld deal already to pay Rufus off. But it seems he isn’t done with his blackmail.

In Friday night’s (March 31) episode of the soap, Rufus returned with another demand for more cash. Stephen convinced him to take cash from Underworld rather than signing up to the deal with his own business. “Money for nothing,” he called it.

Rufus Gives Stephen An Ultimatum | Coronation Street

Another death on the cobbles

But while agreeing, Rufus let slip an intriguing piece of information. He said: “Okay but not for 10%, I want 25% of net profits. 25. That’s my price. Take it or leave it.” He then added: “Good man, this calls for a celebration. That reminds me, I should get some wine for the house. Living in hotels was doing my nut in, so I’m renting this house over in Mobberley.

“It’s been in loads of magazines. Designed by this eco architect or something. The swimming pool’s amazing. And the driveway goes on for miles. Second most desirable street in Cheshire apparently.”

That’s Rufus six foot under the cobbles.

It has been reported that Stephen is going to kill again – and this time, the report claims, he will drown his victim.

A source previously alleged to the Mirror: “Bosses expect the scene to shock people. Obviously, with water involved, it was a big-budget effort and all the stops were pulled out to make sure it looked flawless. Everyone is on tenterhooks to see who the next victim is going to be. Stephen is a man on the edge and could snap at any moment.”

Stephen looking shocked in Coronation Street
Will Coronation Street killer Stephen get away with another murder? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans react

Fans quickly put two and two together and are now convinced that Stephen will kill Rufus in his own pool. One said: “Rufus mentioned tonight living in a house with a swimming pool. If it is him then it will be yet another character who has not been in many episodes.”

Another said: “Considering there was talk of Stephen drowning his next victim, could they have made it more obvious?” A third commented: “Stephen’s gonna drown Rufus, isn’t he?!”

I watched #Corrie last night, looks like Rufus shouldn’t have told Stephen where he lives and also has a swimming pool neither… That’s Rufus six foot under the cobbles,” another commented.

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