Peter and Carla looking shocked on Corrie; inset, drunken Peter (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne teases fate worse than prison for Peter amid soap exit

What does the future hold for Peter?

Coronation Street star Chis Gascoyne has teased a relapse may be on the cards for Peter Barlow. This follows the climax of the soap‘s  long-running serial killer Stephen storyline.

In the episode (which aired Friday, October 13), Peter brought an end to Stephen’s reign of terror by running him down with his taxi. This came as Stephen took a terrified Jenny Connor hostage, threatening her with a broken bottle in front of their horrified family and neighbours.

But as he released Jenny, Peter came careening down the street and mowed Stephen down in a car.

Hw will Peter cope with the aftermath of killing a man? And how will this affect Chris’s upcoming exit from Coronation Street?

Stephen being run over on Coronation Street
Last night’s episode saw Peter kill Stephen by running him over (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne speaks out as Peter kills Stephen

Speaking out following the episode, Corrie star Chris Gascoyne revealed what viewers can expect to happen next for his character, Peter.

“This is where Stephen’s story ends and mine picks up,” Chris said. “Peter is a man who is in deep conflict with himself. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how it happened, he has killed someone.”

Peter is a man who is in deep conflict with himself. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how it happened, he has killed someone

He continued: “It is impossible to imagine what that must feel like. Could you ever rest, could you sleep. He actually says “I have taken another human being out of this world forever, what kind of person does that? What does that make me?” And he is terrified.”

Peter and Carla looking shocked on Corrie
Chris has revealed a ‘turbulent’ time ahead for Peter (Credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow to relapse after killing Stephen?

Chris went on to discuss Peter’s state of mind in the following days. “He is in hell and he is fighting through fear, but when he knows that Jenny is pretty adamant she would have been ok, that really starts to affect his mental state of mind.”

He continued: “As we know, Peter has been through a lot and there is no doubt that he will be tempted to drink which really would be a decision to kill the pain and kill himself through alcohol, he knows that.”

“This is a real danger zone for him. He has taken a man’s life and even if he goes to prison he will have to live with that, he will always suffer. It will be interesting to see how he deals with his demons, Chris said.”

Peter and Carla look shocked as they talk to DS Swain on Corrie
Peter is in hot water after killing Stephen (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Peter arrested for killing Stephen

Chris continued: “He has been arrested on suspicion of murder, he is struggling with his demons. He has always had lots of enemies but at the end of the day he is his own worst enemy. He is the one that has suffered at his own hands the most emotionally, and we can see this starting to happen again.”

Chris went on to say: “He is facing prison, the drink is on his mind again, Audrey wants him to pay for what he has done. It is a turbulent time ahead.”

Indeed, Coronation Street spoilers for next week’s episodes have revealed that the police will arrest Peter for his actions. Will Peter go to prison for killing Stephen?

Craig arrests Peter while Carla and DS Swain look on in Corrie
Peter is arrested for killing Stephen (Credit: ITV)

Chris Gascoyne reveals details of Coronation Street exit

When asked how Peter might leave the street, Chris said: “Well he has just killed someone so there are so many storylines that can come out of that and so many reasons that he might not be around any more.”

“All I will say is I am delighted with my exit storyline, the scripts are superb and I can’t wait to see the reaction to how Peter leaves the street.”

Peter And Stephen Fight | Coronation Street

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