Paul lying in the street looking pained and scared, with Coronation Street logo (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Paul in horror fall

Paul takes a tumble

Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight can reveal a horror fall is in store for Paul, as his health continues to deteriorate. As the symptoms of his escalating MND strike again, he’s left helpless and crying out on the streets of Weatherfield.

But will anyone come to his aid?

Elsewhere, Dev and Asha are worried as Aadi and Courtney play happy families. And, Stu gets some heartbreaking news about Eliza.

Then, Ed’s lateness for a meal gives cause for concern, and Adam plays matchmaker.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight in full below.

Paul on the ground, struggling to get up in Corrie
Paul struggles to get back up again after taking a fall (Credit: ITV)

Paul’s horror fall in Coronation Street spoilers tonight

When Paul finds himself struggling to walk, Billy suggests that he tries the wheelchair. But Paul stubbornly refuses.

Then, Paul is suspicious when he sees Bernie’s new tablet. He catches Bernie red-handed, sorting through a batch of electronic goods which are addressed to Shelly.

Bernie explains that she’s trying to make money to buy all the equipment he’ll need when he’s sick. Paul tells Billy about Bernie’s scam. He explains that although she means well, he’s going to get Shelly to put a stop to it.

Paul lying on the ground helpless in Corrie
Will anyone hear Paul’s cries for help? (Credit: ITV)

But, as he heads to Shelly’s flat, Paul trips and falls. He cries for help, but there’s no-one around.

What will Paul do?

Aadi and Courtney look happy snuggled on the sofa together on Corrie
Courtney and Aadi are feeling loved-up (Credit: ITV)

Aadi and Courtney play happy families

At breakfast, Dev and Asha wonder how long Courtney intends to stay with them. But Aadi is clearly smitten with Courtney.

Courtney announces that she’s well rid of Darren. The pair plan to make a go of it together, to Dev and Asha’s horror.

Later, in a bid to salvage the Frescho deal, Dev promises Darren that he’ll make Aadi see sense. But will Aadi listen?

Courtney smiles as she talks to Aadi on Corrie
Will Aadi listen to Dev? (Credit: ITV)

Bad news for Stu

The social worker calls in to see Stu. She tells him that Eliza wants to remain with her Dad.

Stu is heartbroken. Can he win Eliza back?

Ed greets Ronnie and Debbie at Speed Daal on Corrie
Is there more to Ed’s tardiness than meets the eye? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ed’s running late

Ronnie and Debbie meet up for a celebratory meal at Speed Daal with Ed. But Ed turns up late and acting suspiciously.

Have his gambling demons gotten the better of him?

Adam talks to Dee-Dee while Joel sits nearby on Corrie
Sensing sparks, Adam plays matchmaker (Credit: ITV)

Adam hatches a plan

Adam finds out that Dee-Dee turned down a date with Joel so as to spend the evening with him instead. He begins to concoct a plan to get the pair together. But will sparks fly?

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