Dee-Dee looks shocked; inset, Joel looking shady on Corrie (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Joel’s secret wife and kids exposed to Dee-Dee

Joel is hiding a big secret

Our latest Coronation Street spoilers can reveal that, as Alya’s suspicions begin to mount, Joel’s secret wife and children are exposed to a shocked Dee-Dee Bailey.

Dee-Dee has been feeling loved-up of late, as she entered a relationship with Joel. However, it quickly became clear that Joel was hiding something from Dee-Dee – including a mystery woman who appears to be very angry with him over something.

This woman, the soap revealed, is actually Joel’s wife.

As Alya learns the truth, Dee-Dee confronts Joel about his secrets. How will she react when she learns about her man’s family?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this story in full below.

Alya looks suspicious on Corrie
Alya’s suspicions are roused when she spots Joel get into a car with a mystery woman (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Alya grows suspicious of shady Joel

With Joel and Dee-Dee feeling loved up, he leaves the flat after spending the night together. But, on his way out, a receipt falls out of his wallet.

Dee-Dee sees that the receipt is from a jeweller’s shop, and is dated from December. She also notices that Joel clearly spent a lot of money on the purchase.

Joel in a car with a mystery woman on Corrie
Emily is actually Joel’s wife! (Credit: ITV)

Later, Joel pops into the solicitor’s office and finds Dee-Dee, Adam and Alya discussing the receipt. He claims that its from a pair of cufflinks he bought himself – leading to Alya to joke that he has expensive tastes.

Afterwards, Alya spots Joel outside, in a car driven by a sullen-looking woman. Alya watches the pair drive away, her suspicions mounting.

But what – or who – is Joel hiding?


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Dee Dee talks angrily to Joel on Corrie
Dee-Dee confronts Joel (Credit: ITV)

Joel reveals the truth to Shocked Dee-Dee

Later, Alya shows Dee-Dee CCTV footage of Joel and his mystery woman in the Bistro together. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Dee-Dee confronts Joel.

Backed into a corner, Joel is forced to admit the truth. He tells Dee-Dee that he has a wife called Emily and a daughter named Maisie.

Dee-Dee looks suspicious as she talks to Joel on Corrie
Dee-Dee is stunned to learn about Joel’s secret family (Credit: ITV)

He reveals that his wife threw him out when she was pregnant because he had an affair.

This news leaves Dee-Dee reeling in shock. What will she do next?

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