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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Ryan and Daisy’s affair revealed to Daniel

The truth is out

Our Coronation Street spoilers for next week can reveal that Daniel is horrified to learn that Daisy and Ryan have been having an affair behind his back. But how will he react to the news that Ryan is planning on staying in Weatherfield?

Elsewhere, Nina is upset when Asha grows closer to flirty Isla. Meanwhile, vengeful Gemma lays a trap for Big Garth after getting some bad news about mum Bernie.

Then, Evelyn and Roy come between a bully and his dog, and Cassie’s latest actions infuriate Tyrone.

Read all of these Coronation Street spoilers and more below.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Daniel learns the truth as Ryan comes to a decision

Crystal in the cafe with Daniel and Daisy on Corrie

Ryan tells Crystal about a new job opportunity at the gym. Conflicted, she pretends that she’s thrilled for him. Afterwards, she tells Daisy and Daniel and that she’s moving to Glasgow, and had been hoping he might go with her and she’d value their opinion. How will Daisy react?

Daisy, Daniel and Crystal in the cafe

The next day, Ryan tells Crystal that he is still going for the interview at the gym as he wants to keep his options open. But when Ryan blanks Daisy in the cafe, Crystal demands to know if there is something going on between them.

Ryan and Daisy on Corrie

Afterwards, Daisy goes to tell Ryan that Crystal is suspicious. Unaware that his camera is still on from his interview video practice, Ryan tells her that he still has feelings for her – and that the sex was fantastic. Daisy makes a sharp exit when Simon suddenly returns home.

Later, with Ryan at work, Simon grows intrigued when he spots the camera.

Daniel watches a video on his phone on Corrie

Elsewhere, Daniel receives a message from Simon containing a video link.

Video footage of Ryan and Daisy kissing

Daniel watches the video of Ryan and Daisy – devastated to hear them talking about how they had slept together.

Daniel on his phone in Corrie

Later, Daniel tells Simon that he knows Daisy loves him. He says that he has decided to move on and forget about her affair with Ryan.

Daniel at a table talking to Daisy on Corrie

However, he’s devastated when Ryan reveals that he has got the gym job – and won’t be moving to Glasgow with Crystal.

Daisy looking worried on Corrie

Leaving Daisy at the Bistro, Daniel heads for Daniel’s flat and lets himself in. But what does he have planned?

2. Vengeful Gemma lays a trap for Big Garth

Gemma talks to Big Garth on Corrie

The Winter/Brown family are devastated when Bernie is sentenced to three months in prison for handling dodgy goods. She is told that she has to serve at least half of the sentence. Furious, Gemma lures Big Garth to Victoria Street.

Big Garth talks to Gemma on Corrie

But what does she have planned?

3. Isla comes between Nina and Asha

Nina and Asha looking cosy on Corrie

Asha meets up with Isla to study, She is taken aback when Isla tells her that she would rather go get drunk at the Bistro. There, tipsy Isla reveals that her ex-boyfriend is pestering her – but she’s gone off men, and is thinking of trying women instead.

Nina looking annoyed as she sees Asha and Isla in the bistro on Corrie

Nina arrives at the Bistro, only to find Asha and Isla giggling and holding hands.

Nina looks angry on Corrie

The next day, Nina tells Shona that she wants to talk to Asha about how she feels. Elsewhere, Isla tells Asha that she likes her, but respects the fact she’s with Nina.

Nina’s taken aback when Asha reveals that Isla has switched mentors because Isla has a crush on her.

Nina and Asha talk in the shop on Corrie

At work, Nina offers to help Asha out in the shop. When Nina gets a text from Shona asking if she’s on her way, Nina pretends she’d forgotten about her shift.

Nina in the shop on Corrie

While Nina heads into the back room of the shop, Asha scrolls through Nina’s messages and her eyes narrow. What has she discovered?

4. Evelyn stands up to a bully

Evelyn confronts a thuggish looking man on the street in Corrie

Out on the street, Evelyn sees a man mistreating his dog. Growing angry, she tells him off.

Evelyn arguing with a thug on Corrie

When the man grows aggressive, Roy comes to Evelyn’s aid. However, he’s left terrified when Terry, the dog’s owner, turns on him instead.

Roy, Evelyn and Terrie arguing on Corrie

As Roy films Terry and the dog on his phone, Cassie and Tyrone come to help, calling the police. The next day, Evelyn tells Roy she couldn’t sleep for worrying about the dog.

When Terry pulls up outside the charity shop, she is appalled to see him leave his dog alone in the van. How will Roy react when she returns home – with Terry’s dog in tow?

5. Cassie angers Tyrone

Cassie and Hope on Corrie

Cassie enthusiastically sets about decorating No.9 for Christmas. Tyrone agrees when she suggests that they throw a birthday party for Hope – but Hope doesn’t seem very keen.

Hope looking happy on Corrie

Later, Cassie tells Hope she doesn’t have to go to school on her birthday. Tyrone is furious when the pair return home sporting nose studs. Realising that Hope bunked off school for the piercing, Tyrone grounds her for a month.

6. Stu tries to build bridges

Stu and Yasmeen talking to Roy on Corrie

Roy suggests to Stu he should try to build bridges with Dom and Eliza by inviting them over for Christmas dinner.

Stu and Yasmeen in the restaurant with Eliza on Corrie

But when Stu learns that Eliza has other plans for Christmas, he tells Yasmeen that they should open the restaurant on Christmas Day. How will Yasmeen react?

7. Lauren’s mystery boyfriend has Max worried

Daniel and Lauren talking in the cafe on Corrie

Lauren receives a parcel containing a beautiful necklace inside. When she calls into the cafe, Max and Shona immediately notice her sparkly new jewellery.

Shona and Max talk to Lauren in the cafe on Corrie

Lauren tells them that it’s a present from her rich boyfriend. She says that he’s taking her out for a meal in town later. But who is Lauren’s mystery man?

Daisy And Ryan Sleep Together | Coronation Street

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