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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for September 25-29

Ryan's secret is out

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Ryan’s secret is out as the whole pub finds out what he’s been up to. But worse is to come when Daniel makes another shocking discovery…

Elsewhere, Paul lashes out at Shelly’s funeral – and Billy is caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Dev has an offer for Courtney and Jenny bids a sad goodbye.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Ryan’s secret out

Ryan finishes a livestream and finds out his filter dropped and he has been recognised as the guy who was the victim of the acid attack. Soon the Gazette wants to interview him. Ryan’s horrified, but they run an article anyway and Izzy comes across it in the Rovers.

After Carla takes Ryan for lunch in the pub, Ryan is mortified when he finds out everyone is talking about him. Izzy has shown them all the article.

2. Daniel discovers Ryan’s secret

Ryan decides to move out of Carla’s and Lauren offers him the other room in the precinct flat. Carla and Daisy are concerned, but Daniel helps him move.

When some lads poke fun at Ryan’s scars he loses the plot and Daniel is forced to intervene. Daniel picks up Ryan’s things and notices the stash of testosterone – will he confront him about the shock discovery?

3. Daniel reaches out to Ryan

Ryan and Daniel at a meal while Daisy looks on in Corrie

Daniel asks Ryan if he’d give a talk to the STC students about the impact of violent crime. Daisy and Ryan are unsure, but will Ryan agree in the end?

4. Paul lashes out at Shelly’s funeral

Bernie supports Paul as Billy conducts Shelly’s funeral. However, when Paul gets up to say a few words and pay tribute, Shelly’s brother Kieran objects.

Paul has a go at Kieran for failing to support his sister when she was dying and the two men fight. But it’s Billy who ends up getting hurt when Paul smacks him by mistake.

5. Dev tries to get rid of Courtney

Dev is furious to discover Aadi and Courtney plan to move into Shelly’s old flat together. When Darren gives Dev £5k to split Aadi and Courtney up, Dev has an idea.

He offers Courtney all the money if she’ll break up with Aadi – but will she agree?

6. The Rovers closed

The Waterfords manager arrives to tell Jenny they are closing the pub for refurbishment. But the really shocking news comes when they’re told their contracts are all terminated with immediate effect.

Jenny looks forlornly at the Rovers on Corrie

Jenny, still reeling from Leo’s death and the news Teddy is missing, is distraught. She and Stephen move in with Rita, but he plans to whisk Jenny off on holiday to Thailand.

Meanwhile, the Rovers staff watch on as the pub is boarded up, but Gemma soon drops a bombshell that leaves everyone fuming.

7. Cassie messes up – again

Ange, the owner of a local cab firm needs a garage to service her fleet. But will the meeting go wrong when Cassie reveals she and Abi are recovering drug addicts and Abi’s been to prison?

8. Ronnie’s concerned

Ronnie wants to take Debbie away for a few days, but doesn’t want to leave Ed in charge of the business account. Stressed Ed is offended and storms off, but is Ronnie right to be concerned?

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