Coronation Street spoilers Debbie and Ryan

Debbie faces financial ruin on Coronation Street and plots with Ryan Connor

The business owner is struggling with debt

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Debbie is facing financial ruin so comes up with a plan involving struggling Ryan Connor.

The business-empire owner has recently discovered she’s in quite a mess money-wise and doesn’t know how to fix it.

And with her owing cobbles neighbours Ed and Aggie £30K, Debbie’s problems are building up.

So how will she solve them?

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Corrie Debbie looks confused while holding a cup of tea
Debbie’s in debt (Credit: ITV)

Desperate Debbie in debt

The week begins with her admitting to Ronnie she is struggling to raise the money to pay the Baileys their compensation. She owes them after Ed nearly died while working in one of her hotels.

The safety checks hadn’t been carried out properly and Ray had cancelled the professional indemnity insurance, leaving Debbie totally high and dry.

And with Aggie pushing for their money in two weeks, Debbie needs to come up with something fast.

Coronation Street Debbie and Leanne talk and it looks strained
Leanne’s not happy with Debbie’s ideas (Credit: ITV)

Debbie clashes with Leanne

Ronnie suggests theme nights at the bistro could be a way to raise some funds.

Debbie gives it a try and is soon putting up posters to advertise her psychic night and casino night.

Leanne isn’t happy and thinks they are conning vulnerable people out of their money. But Debbie sets her straight about just how bad things are and pushes ahead.

As they are setting up the psychic night, Debbie makes a confession to Ronnie. .

Admitting she’s left with two options: declare bankruptcy or pull an insurance job, Debbie is desperate.

Ronnie tries to reassure her that it won’t come to that.

But Debbie knows differently.

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Corrie Ryan looks serious as Debbie makes a proposal
Is Ryan game? (Credit: ITV)

Debbie hatches a plan in Coronation Street spoilers

She later hears Ryan telling the psychic how skint he is. He admits to her he has debt coming out of his ears.

It’s not long before Debbie is hatching a plan – and she’s going to rope Ryan in.

But what is her plot?

And will Ryan agree?

Is she really planning an insurance job? Or has she got something else in mind? Where does Ryan come in? And will it go off without a hitch?

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