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Coronation Street fans all say the same thing as the Rovers shuts its doors

Where will punters go for a pint now?

Over on Coronation Street last night (Tuesday, September 26), the Rovers prepared to shut its doors for refurbishment.

Jenny said that all of the drinks were on the house as the punters tried to bleed the pub dry.

Coronation Street fans are all now saying the same thing as the Rovers shuts its doors.

Will the Rovers return? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: The end of an era for the Rovers

Last night on Coronation Street, Jenny got a shock when the Waterford manager turned up at the pub.

He then announced that there would be a big refurbishment taking place meaning that the Rovers would be shutting its doors.

When the Rovers staff asked about being paid for their time off work, the manager explained that their contracts would be terminated straight away.

As they were on zero hour contracts, there was nothing they could do. However, Adam soon turned up and noted that Jenny’s contract was not the same.

Due to this, she had a case for unfair dismissal. With Jenny furious with how she and the staff were being treated, Jenny decided to bleed the pub dry.

She then gave out free drinks whilst she was running the pub for one last night, with punters gathering around to say farewell to the local landmark.

Coronation Street's Tyrone and Cassie are in the Rovers together
Fans were baffled by the punters’ reactions (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans all say same thing about Rovers

Coronation Street fans have all been left saying the same thing about the Rovers as they were left baffled by the punters’ reactions.

Considering the pub was closing its doors, none of the punters seemed that upset by the news.

One fan noted: “Has to be said, no one on the Street seemed particularly bothered that the Rovers was closing!”

Another viewer exclaimed: “Quite surprised about all the regulars’ resigned attitude to the Rovers revamp… What no protests, no placards, no nothing?! Very strange!”

A third Coronation Street viewer wrote: “None of the regulars seem to be that bothered about t’Rovers.”

Jenny and the Rovers team watch sadly as the pub is closed
Will the Street ever be the same again? (Credit: ITV)

Will the Rovers return?

Tonight (Wednesday September, 27), it seems that the Street will never be the same again.

As the Rovers gets boarded up, Jenny discusses plans to move to Thailand with Stephen.

The rest of the Rovers staff mourn the loss of their jobs, but will they ever get them back?

Is this truly the end for the Rovers as we know it? What will become of the pub after the refurbishment?

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Coronation Street - Last Orders At The Rovers? (26th September 2023)

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