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Coronation Street: Luca Toolan hints at troubling Mason family background that has influenced his bullying

Mason didn't have a good childhood

Over in Coronation Street, Mason has been bullying Liam Connor both at school and online causing Liam’s mental health to decline.

Liam started to research ways to end his own life after constantly being humiliated by Mason and his mates.

Gary then got involved and tried to teach Mason a lesson in a bid to protect Liam.

Mason has been making Liam’s life Hell (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Mason has been bullying Liam

Mason, Dylan and their mates have been teaming up together to bully Liam both at school and online too.

With Mason being the leader of the group, Liam’s been subjected to online trolling as well as having his life threatened with a knife in person.

Recently, Liam opened up to Maria and Gary about the bullying but soon started searching ways to end his life.

A teacher at Liam’s school then informed his parents about what he’d been searching, with Gary and Maria rushing to help the teen.


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Liam then attended a GP appointment with Dr Gaddas, whilst Gary took matters into his own hands by attacking Mason in the precinct.

Mason Radcliffe played by Luca Toolan Coronation Street cast shot
Mason didn’t have it easy growing up (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street star Luca Toolan teases Mason family troubles

With Mason bullying Liam, Luca Toolan has hinted that Mason’s past history may have contributed to his recent behaviour.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media, Luca explained: “It’s always been for him that the weak are preyed on.

“He is the weak in his family. He is being preyed on by his family members so in return he lashes out and repeats what he’s seen in family settings.

“He’s putting on this façade but deep down he’s just a scared little boy.”

Will Mason learn his lesson and stop the bullying before things get even worse for Liam?

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