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Coronation Street ‘lining up Toyah stillborn baby plot after her 2001 assault’

Reports suggest Toyah will fear her baby secret being exposed in upcoming scenes

Coronation Street are reportedly lining up a new plot for Toyah Battersby. The soap are said to be revisiting the rape of Toyah from 2001, a decision which many are already slating.

The controversial story will apparently see viewers learn Toyah had a stillborn baby as a result of her attack.

Retconning huge stories such as this is often not a popular decision. And fans are already unimpressed on social media following the reports.

Kelly attempted to convince Toyah to give Imran another chance
There’s not been much happiness in Toyah’s life (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street ‘planning baby plot for Toyah’

It’s been reported that Toyah buried the baby in a park after giving birth. When the land is set to be dug up, Toyah knows her secret could come out and is terrified of the repercussions.

A source told The Sun: “Aside from the fact that viewers want entertainment, this is still an incredibly dark and ambitious storyline, and some longtime fans may decide to pick apart the holes.

“It all played out on screen, the brutal attack, the aftermath, so for it to now transpire that she became pregnant from the rape, suffered a stillbirth all alone before burying her dead baby at The Red Rec has raised quite a few eyebrows on set.

“It’s not going to go down well.”

Rumours of the plot have already not gone down well with fans (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

In fact, following the reports Corrie fans have already expressed disgust on social media. Some have said it’s the final straw for them with an already flagging show. They are ready to switch off if the plot goes ahead.

“Not sure if it’s true or not, but seriously can’t they give Toyah a happy storyline for once?” questioned one.

Another added: “I have watched Coronation Street my whole life. While everyone else was watching That’s So Raven or something else age appropriate, I was watching Corrie. But if they do that Toyah storyline I genuinely think that will be the last straw for me.”

“If this is true it is the end of Coronation Street! So much rubbish on it now anyway, this will finish it,” declared one more.

A further user stated: “I’m absolutely disgusted at a Coronation Street spoiler involving Toyah burying a stillborn baby after her rape in 2001. I’m speechless. This has become a revolting excuse of a programme. I’m so done, and it needs the axe I’m afraid.”

Entertainment Daily has reached out to Coronation Street for comment on this story.

Coronation Street Janice comforts a distraught Toyah after her rape
Janice comforted her daughter after the attack (Credit: ITV)

Toyah Battersby’s rape in Coronation Street

Toyah was raped and beaten after a night out in April 2021. It was the first time Coronation Street had screened a rape and it came under fire at the time for trying to match EastEnders in its gritty stories.

Toyah was walking up the ginnel to her house alone after a night out with mechanic Sam. She heard someone call her name, there was a scuffle and muffled scream before Toyah was attacked.

She was found lying in the ginnel by Jason Grimshaw. He took her home and the police and a doctor were called.

Coronation Street: Toyah is held by Phil Simmonds with his hand over her mouth
Phil tried to attack Toyah again when she realising it was him (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who raped Toyah in Coronation Street?

Toyah couldn’t remember much, but Jason was the prime suspect initially. Rovers boss Duggie Ferguson then came under suspicion, but was ruled out after all of the men on the street gave DNA evidence.

Peter Barlow, however, refused to give his DNA and was then arrested on suspicion of the rape.

However, Toyah’s attacker turned out to be Phil Simmonds, a man she had befriended after Duggie evicted him. Phil was played by Jack Deam who went on to have roles in Shameless, Clocking off, Doctors, DCI Banks and Life on Mars.

Phil was a great support to her through her ordeal, but when he called out her name, something clicked and she recognised his voice.

She tried to escape, but he grabbed her. However Peter heard the commotion and rushed in to save her. Phil denied the rape charges, but DNA evidence proved it was him.

In August 2001, Toyah visited him at Strangeways Jail and he finally admitted to raping her.

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor smiles in a pink dress
The Corrie star has subsequently admitted she wasn’t sure about the plot (Credit: MCPIX/Shutterstock)

Georgia Taylor felt rape story was ‘in questionable taste’

Actress Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah, has since admitted she’s not sure about the direction the storyline took.

In an interview with Radio Times in 2022 she said: “I felt privileged to be given the story and wanted to prove myself.

“But by keeping the identity of the rapist a secret they made it a ‘whodunnit’. That was in questionable taste and in all honesty I don’t think they would do it now, but it was over 20 years ago and you learn things.

“There was controversy, but people responded positively to the work I did which was encouraging and I won some awards which was lovely.

“Maybe on some level that helped me a year or so later to leave and try other things.”


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Emmerdale’s Lydia

The baby story mirrors that of Emmerdale‘s Lydia Dingle. It was revealed in 2019 that she had given birth to a baby boy whilst in a care home and buried him when he was stillborn. She had changed her name from Jenny Finn and started again as Lydia Hart.

Lydia was attacked years later (Credit: ITV)

Although she had not been raped when she fell pregnant, when she met up with the baby’s father, Craig, again years later, he did go on to rape Lydia.

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