Coronation Street’s Sean Tully: His family, love life, and storylines

Sean has been on the cobbles for nearly 18 years

Coronation Street character Sean Tully first appeared in 2003. But who is he and what storylines has he been involved in?

Recently Sean signed up to sell make up for a company. However it’s proven to be much harder than he originally thought and he’s struggling to shift the stock of make up he’s brought.

But who is Sean, who are his family and what storylines has he been in?

Coronation Street Sean: Who is he and who are his family?

Sean was born on September 13th 1976 to parents Maureen Tully and Paul Jones.

Character Sean first appeared in 2003 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Sean was raised thinking Maureen’s husband Brian Tully was his father. However on Father’s day 2006, Sean learnt Maureen had an affair with a man named Paul in the 70s and he is Sean’s father.

Sean is also the father of Dylan Wilson, whose mother is Sean’s former friend Violet.

He is played by actor Antony Cotton.

Coronation Street Sean: Who has he dated?

Over the years, Sean has dated a few different men but has unfortunately never found the one.

He had a brief relationship with vet Tim White. Later Michelle Connor introduced her new boyfriend Sonny Dhillon, but Sean dragonised him as one of his exes.

Sonny and Sean began an affair but were soon caught by Jamie and Steve McDonald.

Marcus and Sean dated (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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He has also had relationships with Marcus Dent, a man named Leon and Billy Mayhew.

Although Sean and Billy didn’t work out, they have remained friends.

What storylines has Sean been involved in?

Sean became a father in 2008 when his friend Violet gave birth to his son, Dylan.

The two had a one-night-stand in 2007. The two friends were drunk and got on to the topic of having kids.

Violet and Sean are parents to Dylan (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

They agreed if neither of them had a child by the time they were 30 they’d have one together. However they agreed to try for a baby immediately and a few weeks later, Violet discovered she was pregnant.

After Dylan’s birth, Violet didn’t want Sean to be involved and ended up moving to London with her boyfriend Jamie.

A few years later, Sean got back in contact with Violet and she allowed him to see Dylan.

Did Sean become homeless?

Sean has lived in No.11 Coronation Street with landlady Eileen on and off over the years.

In 2016, Sean discovered Eileen’s son Todd and Billy had been seeing each other and demanded she choose between him or Todd.

Eileen’s boyfriend Pat manipulated her into choosing Todd and Sean moved into No.3 Coronation Street.

Sean first moved into No.11 Coronation Street with Eileen in 2003 (Credit: ITV)

He ended up losing his job at the medical centre in 2017. In 2018 ended up getting into an argument with Angie Appleton, who he lived at No.3 with and was kicked out.

He moved in with friends Fix and Tyrone.

Later in 2018 Liz McDonald offered him to stay with her but when she found out he got her old job behind the bar at the Rovers after she was fired she told him to forget it, presuming he deliberately betrayed her.

Sean ended up living on the street (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Soon Sean began sleeping in a tent but when Billy found out, he tried to help him.

Sean eventually got his job back at Underworld and helped him move into  flat on Rosamund Street.

In 2020, he moved back into Eileen’s.

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